GoParity on Web Summit 2019 wrapped up

Nov 11, 2019 · 5 min read

The time has come to an end and another edition of Web Summit is over. Let’s wrap up the biggest technology conference in the world! 🎉

Web Summit behind the numbers

In this edition of Web Summit took part 70469 attendees from every corner of the globe, representing 163 countries worldwide.

Almost 47% of all participants were women. As Web Summit has committed itself to improve the gender ratio, this year’s result has surpassed last year’s as well as topped the benchmark set for this year (which was 45,7%).

There were 1206 speakers sharing their views and opinions as well as transmitting their knowledge in 22 stages available.

2150 startups (ALPHA, BETA & GROWTH) were present in 4 pavilions ready to network, talk and make business.

GoParity on Web Summit

For the third time, we have been an active participant during all 3 days of the conference. Each of the Summit days brought us new experiences and new challenges - from people curious and interested in what we do and how we do it in order to join our community of impact investors, to potential partners that might be doing business with us in a near future and be part of our growth.

We had the chance to share a lot from our side to the world! Get to know day-by-day what exactly have we done🎉

Tuesday (November, 5)

10:15 AM Pitch Competition (Pitch stage 3, Pavilion 4, Group round 6)

In the morning we kicked-off with a pitch about GoParity performed by our CEO Nuno Brito Jorge, as we were selected among other 11 Portuguese startups to compete for the best Pitch award! The pitch was done in front of the panel of experts as well as more than 50 people in the audience. It was a great and valuable experience.

3:30 PM Official launch of our new App (Casa do Impacto stand, E-266, Pavilion 2)

The time has finally come to launch our new mobile app! We introduced all the new features and user experience to the public, by sharing short videos. Overall, we can say that our launch was a big success as we gathered a significant group of people interested in knowing our app as well as willing to download it right away.

For those who still haven’t downloaded the app, you can find it available both in iOS and Android.

However, we are so excited to show you already a little sneak peek of how amazing the app looks like:

3:45 PM Impact Investment talk (Casa do Impacto stand, E-266, Pavilion 2)

Later on we hosted the Impact Investment talk in Casa do Impacto (SCML) stand.

We gathered 4 great personalities, Luís de Melo Jerónimo Social Impact Director from Gulbenkian Foundation, João Freire de Andrade President of Portugal Fintech, Miguel Fontes Executive Director of Startup Lisboa and Shrikesh Laxmidas Sub.Director of Jornal Económico, to discuss about the future of funding alternatives to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you for the great talk and everyone who attended it!

That was all for the first day! Keep reading to discover more activities that we have planned and accomplished⬇️

Wednesday (November, 6)

Afternoon only | Showcase at Made Of Lisboa stand (E-3468, Pavilion 4)

The second day started for us with some time to check other startups, attend few conferences and listen to some great minds from all over the world before we gathered in Made of Lisboa stand, where we had our small stand:

It was a really productive day, during which many people came to speak with us. Some of them were already familiar with GoParity and passed-by to congratulate us and share nice words but mostly we have talked with people that didn’t know us and so we did our best to explain them and answer all questions. We can proudly say that many of them downloaded our new app and were really convinced about the idea of GoParity. This means so much for us! 🤗

The day ended with an incredible meeting. We had an opportunity to present GoParity to the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa and to the Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira.

right: GoParity team with Portuguese Prime Minister, left: Nuno Brito Jorge, CEO, pitching and explaining how GoParity works

Thursday (November, 7)

All day | BETA Exhibit (Stand B-225)

We have been introducing the new mobile platform, inviting for the experimentation of it, testing, collecting feedback, distributing 10€ vouchers on future investments and networking. It was the busiest day for GoParity.

From left: Mariana (Operations), Nuno (CEO), Beatriz (Web Developper)

The interest of other Web Summit participants in GoParity exceeded our expectations!

On our stand we were always trying to be 3–4 people to answer all the questions and devote enough time to everyone interested. By result, we experienced so many interested that a line has been created to speak with us!

Below you can find a short video made by Nuno Brito Jorge, GoParity CEO, on Casa do Impacto Instagram profile, in which Nuno explains what GoParity is and what we do!

That sums up our experience at Web Summit 2019! We had a great time, we learnt a lot, we met amazing people and achieve what we wanted during those 3 important days of the year.

Let’s hope that the next year we will also participate and have as many great experiences as it was during this edition. And hey.. we hope to meet you there!


GoParity is an impact financial platform, connecting sustainable project promoters looking for funding with a community of conscious investors willing to make money for good.


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GoParity is an impact investment platform that empowers people to save and make money by investing in impactful projects.



GoParity is an impact financial platform, connecting sustainable project promoters looking for funding with a community of conscious investors willing to make money for good.

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