GoLang School IS LIVE

A kingdom where Gophers of all kind live in peace, share, educate and develop HQ pragmatic, idiomatic GoLang software.

Welcome to our first blog post ever posted!!!

I am extremely excited to launch an online GoLang School dedicated to:

  • writing pragmatic, maintainable GoLang
  • providing sufficient theory to understand the fundamentals of various complicated topics such as encodings, hashing, ciphers, parallelism, concurrency and countless more in order to implement them in GoLang for solving real business, human pain points
  • gathering frequently used snippets from day-to-day coding world
  • presenting deep analyses produced by reverse engineering the most technically-interesting projects such as IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Ethereum blockchain and others!!!
  • building the most constructive and kind community of Gophers living aside, sharing, educating and having fun :)


The school pivoted its domain and main focus changed from purely Go to Go + Blockchain because I believe this combination is more beneficial for developers pursuing their skills and passion, as well for the world in general.

If you are curious how Go can be used to develop decentralized applications, checkout my personal site: https://www.lukaslukac.io

Thank you for understanding Gophers,