Wanna learn Ethereum blockchain in 10h?

Buy 3 coffees, 1 red bull, open the Night Elf course and start cracking down the new practical Ethereum blockchain knowledge served for you on a silver platter!

It took me 6 months to collect and write down the knowledge presented in the course.

I compressed all the knowledge to the most practical lessons possible with on-the-fly supply of blockchain theory that you will get, as you progress through the course.

Practice > Theory.

Character requirements

The course is designed in a way, no prior blockchain, neither GoLang knowledge is required!

We will go from basics and learn the theory on the fly as we progress through the mission. The only thing you will need is a Linux/Mac OS and basic programming experience in languages such as PHP/Java/Python/Ruby or Javascript.

Take the course if you want to:

  • understand the blockchain glossary
  • understand the blockchain advantages and limitations
  • understand the Ethereum ecosystem, its tools, frameworks, websites, explorers, wallets
  • have the ability to control all the tools
  • have the ability to setup your own Ethereum blockchain node and be part of a decentralized network
  • have the ability to create, secure, store and control Ethereum accounts manually as well as automatically using software Wallets
  • have the ability to execute blockchain transactions and move funds around the network
  • have the know-how of Solidity programming language
  • have the know-how of programming new decentralized programs that can not be shut down by anyone else than YOU
  • have the know-how of debugging failed Solidity programs
  • have the perfect localhost and cloud environment setup for developing blockchain applications on Ethereum network efficiently