Data, Design, and Technology are Transforming the Sports Experience

We’re launching Quathletics to do our part

Data visualization of shots taken during a basketball game.

Digital and social technologies are having a profound impact on the world around us–whether it be the emergence of always-on, “on-demand” services bringing us food, walking our dogs, or hanging a television on our wall; or the hyper-connected technologies enabling our quantified-self to track every aspect of our health or taking a cycling class with people half-way across the country. Every business sector and aspect of our lives is transforming.

Sports is no different.

We see this transformation playing out in four distinct ways:

Athlete and team performance: using wearables to track on-the-field speed, form, and other movements [1]; athletes spending millions on science and technologies to preserve their bodies [2]; utilizing data science to change the way teams execute on the field of play [3]; leveraging mobile apps to optimize team logistics from communications to travel to operations [4]; and more.

Sports play and equipment: adopting 360-degree-replay technologies to make gameplay fairer and more engaging [5]; using a cloud-based scheduling system to create trillions of schedules to optimize a league’s season [6]; football helmets with sensors to map a player’s unique head shape enabling 16 trillion possible padding configurations [7]; developing new materials and fabrics to create uniforms and equipment [8]; and more.

Fan engagement and venue experiences: using artificial intelligence to win one’s fantasy football league [9]; interacting with referees in social media during games [10]; utilizing augmented reality in a mobile app to bring live player statistics to fans in the stands [11]; increasing in-game revenue with hyper-personalized offers based on seat location [12]; and more.

The business and evolution of sports: greater access to customized sports content through OTT and digital platforms [13]; tracking a 360º view of fans from social media to in-stadium purchasing behaviors [14]; increasing connectivity within venues to expand more prop bet offerings during games [15]; streaming of a new generation of niche sports [16] and the emergence of eSports as a billion-dollar industry [17]; and more.

These transformations excite us since we are a team of digital industry leaders, senior strategists, storytellers, and technology experts, with more than 30 years experience establishing the digital presence of leading brands, organizations, and personalities across a diverse range of industries.

As a result, we came together to launch Quathletics so we could use our expertise in digital and social technologies to help athletes and coaches — as well as teams, athletic departments, and leagues — to reach their full potential and transform the sports experience.

Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating solutions which strengthen on- and off-the-field performance(s), generate greater value on investment, and creates experiences fans love. Our work focuses on:

  • Athlete/coach training and development
  • Athletic performance, recognition, and success
  • Activating brand, fans, and stakeholders
  • Experiential innovation and venue technologies
  • Operations, facilities, and risk management
  • Revenue/fundraising opportunities

We work with clients looking to create innovative digital and social experiences. And our work is award-winning (e.g., Shorty Awards, The Webby Awards, etc.) and has garnered national and international media coverage; outlets include BBC, Mashable, TechCrunch, The New York Times and others.

If you have any questions or would like to explore working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.