Top 10 Blogs from 2019 on Google Cloud

Jörn Steege
Dec 17, 2019 · 4 min read

There’s so much great content out there covering all aspects of Google Cloud, especially on Google Cloud Blogs and also here on medium, that it’s hard to stay up-to-date with all the great stories. That’s why i’m personally happy to use feedly in combination with slack to create a content-sink for things i find interesting and might want to follow-up reading later (wanna know more how this is done, feel free to reach out to me directly). I mostly catch up on the stuff i stored for later while travelling across Germany in the train and as 2019 is coming to an end really soon, i thought it might be a good time to go through my list again and look for the blogs i found most useful in 2019. I also found this might be a good starting point for the new publication i created for GoReply, the company i work for in Germany. So here’s my Top 10 and why they made it to the list (sorted from oldest to newest):

This blog provides a great overview / starting point on the questions to ask whenever it comes to migrate an existing application to the cloud. It can be also used as a checklist for a kick-off-meeting.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is absolutely critical when it comes to secure your applications and data. Understanding what Google Cloud offers and how to leverage the various services is therefor a key requirement when moving to the cloud. The Blog provides a great overview on this specific topic.

Heard about Service Mesh or Istio not really knowing what it’s for or why it might be useful? Check out this great blog on how Istio can benefit applications running on GKE. Check out also the Blog-Series “The Service Mesh Era” on Google Cloud Blogs for tons of more great content on this topic.

This is my “Number One” in this list! It’s a must read for everyone interested in moving their existing “DataStack” to the cloud (of course especially to GCP), the challenges that come with it and how to tackle them. Kudos to the great team at Otto Group for making that move and happy to support you on the next steps of your journey whenever you need us.

“Service Accounts” are special to GCP and understanding why, how and especially when to use them can help improve operations and overall security of your cloud GCP-Deployment.

This one takes you to a whitepaper which i highly recommend reading. It shares best practices on how to keep control of your data when taking it to Google Cloud.

Cloud-Native is the future for every enterprise (at least in my opinion). This Blog provides an overview on how to embark on your cloud-native-journey and why GCP is a platform that you should consider.

Every list covering something that happened in tech in 2019 should at least have something to do with AI, right? If you’re still thinking about, where AI might help / benefit your business, check out this blog!

Google loves data (you know that already, right) and so you can assume that Google Cloud also love databases. And i can tell you: Yes they do! They love them so much, that there are plenty of offerings. So which one’s for you? Check this Blog on your GCP-database-evaluation journey (or as us).

Curious about data-residency (i know my customers form Germany are)? This blog provides insights on how to manage data-residency within GCP and how Google Cloud helps you meet even the highest requirements.

So that’s my list for 2019, i had to made a lot of trade-offs, as there’s so much great content out there. I hope you find it valuable. stay tuned for more great content coming in 2020.

Best, Joern (Go Reply)


Google Cloud Premier Partner and MSP. We are part of Reply Group and specialise in the implementation of cloud platform architectures and the creation of cloud-based solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Jörn Steege

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Passionate Cloud Architect, Author & parttime Blogger. I love diving, films, music, travelling and much more… Now with Go Reply going „Cloud Native“ with Google



Google Cloud Premier Partner and MSP. We are part of Reply Group and specialise in the implementation of cloud platform architectures and the creation of cloud-based solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

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