Optimized Vufine Setup for Pokémon Go and iPhone

There are several setups you can do on your iPhone to optimize your Pokémon Go play.

  1. Switch and fix the screen to landscape
  2. Lock the touch screen to avoid unwanted taps inside your pocket
  3. Darken the screen even more

1. Switch and fix the screen to landscape

Pokémon Go is designed for portrait screen. But there is a trick to switch it to landscape. As Vufine’s screen is landscape, you can get larger image on your Vufine when Pokémon Go is in landscape mode. There are some glitches in UI when playing in landscape mode. So I would recommend doing this only when you are playing with Pokémon Go Plus.

Here is how you set Pokémon Go to landscape mode

1–1. Open the setting menu in Pokémon Go app.

1–2 . Turn your iPhone sideways, make sure your rotate lock is off. Tap ‘Report High-Priority Issue.’ Don’t worry, y0u won’t actually reporting anything to anyone at this point.

1–3. It will switch to Safari app will open the support page.

1–4. Don’t click Done. Hit the home button on your iPhone, and then tap the icon from Pokémon Go from your home screen.

1–5. You are back to Pokémon Go settings screen. But this time, you are in the landscape mode.

If you want to go back to the portrait mode, simply restart the app.

2. Lock the touch screen to avoid unwanted taps inside your pocket

You can lock the touchscreen to avoid unwanted taps while your iPhone is in your pocket. This is using iPhone’s accessibility feature called ‘Guided Access’.

2–1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap Accessibility.

2–2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Accessibility menu and tap Guided Access.

2–3. Setup passcode to unlock the Guided Access.

2–4. Once Guided Access is turned on, click on the home button three times to enable the Guided Access. Choose Options to turn off touch screen while Guided Access is enabled.

To turn off Guided Access, click the home button three times and enter the password you selected (or use Touch ID).

3. Darken the screen even more

It is the best if you can turn off the screen while using Vufine and keeping your phone in your pocket. But unfortunately, iPhone does not let you turn off the screen. So the best we can do is to dim the screen as dark as possible. There is a trick to make the screen even darker than lowest brightness setting. This is using the zoom feature in accessibility settings. The accessibility zoom feature has a visual filters to show that you are in zoom mode. One of the filter is called ‘Low Light’, which darken the screen from your current settings, even when you are already at minimum brightness.

3–1. Make sure you have the Auto-Brightness turned OFF in the Display and Brightness settings menu.

3–2. Tap Accessibility from the settings menu.

3–3. Tap Zoom

3–4. Set Zoom Region to ‘Full Screen Zoom’ and select the zoom filter ‘Low Light’.

3–5. Add zoom to the Accessibility Shortcut, so you can easily turn it on by clicking the home button three times.

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