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Instagram Money is Real

Who knew the META-verse was a reel

I made a reel by mistake with this Eastern European song in a “remix” on Instagram. I was watching a kitten and new born puppy hug and snuggle.

I added my reaction to the Eastern European song on the remix and now it has over 1000 views.

I got fifty bucks for it

The Instagram people will tell you about how you are someone that deserves to make money once you have a business instagram account and hit a button called “monetize”.

Just look for monetize buttons on every platform you are on and you will be fine.

I am trying to make money on YouTube

Apparently, I need like 330 more views at the time of this writing to get a couple bucks from YouTube on this short I made.

Learn SEO and use Canva

I use AHREFS.com keyword generator for help with SEO and pay $12.99 to make awesome vids in there.

See my vids



PS: If you could share my shorts on your social media that would be cool. Thanks for helping me with that!



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