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What is crypto? How come I don’t know? — Pic by Author. — Source: DJ Snake, Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” and Youtube.

My Thoughts on Numerai Crypto Currency and Why You should Think about it, too.

Warning: This is not financial advice. There are referral links in this blog post. Do your due diligence when it comes to investing.

The abstract or white paper on Numerai.


I don’t claim to know much about crypto, but the other day, my CoinBase account said I could get a free $3 in Numerai.

I decided to take the quiz in exchange for the coins. I was thinking about converting that $3 into BitCoin, but the more I learned, the more my mind went nuclear bomb strike all over!

Numeraire or NMR is a “crypto-powered crowdsourced hedge fund.”

Who’s Richard Craib and what’s NMR? Source: Lex Friedman and YouTube.

NMR is AI, based on data, from people all over the world, picking stocks!

There’s a tournament to see how good you are at selecting stocks. The best ideas back this crypto with a hedge fund buying the stocks ideas… at least this is what I understand so far (I’m a Newb!).

Maybe you can use it to pay for your driverless car in 10 years. Maybe you can use Numerai to pay for your flight to the moon with Virgin, so crypto is going to take over the world soon. If not now, then maybe in 10 years or ‘sumpin.

Just go through my referral links, will ya? You can get your “crypto on” at my links!

Get a free $10 in BTC from CoinBase! (You can purchase Numeria there!)



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