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The SEO Situation

Been learning about this and my mouse hand hurts!

There’s nothing worse than not writing and marketing, but this is the way it goes in the major leagues.

This site https://ahrefs.com/ does a lot for your for free. It looks up the keywords and tells you how many people look for the keyword and how recent it’s been used. Also it does Bing, YouTube, Amazon keywords!

I’ve been using it for Medium and GoshDarnBlog.com.

Also I got a free trial of Hootsuite and that helped me understand a lot. But I’ve found out I don’t need it because Facebook, Pinterest and all of ’em have similar features.

The only thing I don’t have is a free planner for a calendar. They allow you to use one for one Facebook Page and that’s just not enough!

Anyway, good luck on your journey in writing or whatever!

If you want to “submit” use this email and I will add you as a writer. goshATgoshdarnblogDOTcom

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