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Who invented blog posts?

GoshDarnBlog.com 2022

I don’t know, but it sounds like something we need to research write about here at GoshDarnBlog.

My name’s Evan Hundhausen and I’m the publisher.

If you want to write for GoshDarnBlog be on Medium.com and send me a message with your medium profile and I will add you as a writer and send to goshATgoshdarnblogDOTcom.

Lately, I’ve been writing about Colorado.

The summer goes fast here and now we prepare for ski season… Well, other people do. I just stay home and write blog posts!

But it will be fun to explore topics to write about this winter.

There are lots of cool things happening online here, so check them out! For example, the GoshDarnBlog.com site is revamped and looking good!

So 1000 Thank You’s for reading these gosh darn blog posts on GoshDarnBlog.com!



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Evan Hundhausen

Evan Hundhausen

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