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The Product Hunting #1 — MenubarX

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(video link at the end if you are not a reading guy👇)

I understand the reason everyone loves iPhone or Mac is not their design anymore, but the software behind it, especially the software ecosystem that enrich the experience of using such hardware in our life.

As part of the Gossip on Tech series, I started to scan the cool applications on the market that can make our life easier.

In the #producthunt series 2022, the first cool application we are bringing to you guys is a brand new kid called “MenubarX”.

I have been using this MenubarX for more than 2 weeks, it’s simple but extremely powerful, at least solving me big problems!

When I see this (screenshot on the left), I was like “Instagram finally built their app for Mac?”🤔😂

You can even upload picture there and playing video… it’s just like the Instagram on my phone.

But it’s not from Instagram…Then I saw all these screenshot:

Coinbase, Google, Twitter, and 2048 game!!!

I stop looking and downloaded the app from Mac App Store.

Looks like the app is mimic the browser on difference sizes of screens. It works super well as many of the websites today are using responsive design. So I tried to add the Spotify (use their web player), this is what I got:

So, yeah as you can see I can play music right in my menubarX, just like I used to play it in the browser. The experience is the same. It also plays in the background so you don’t need to display this screen all the time.

Then I added many other tabs that I used to pin in my Chrome and Safari. It is just a pain reliever. My browser is never that clean for years. (I bet many people, just like me, prefer to pin website in their tabs. I just don’t feel like the bookmark works for me)

My gas tracker, instagram. Bloomberg, Spotify and xe currency exchange calculator

Performance wise, the app itself doesn’ consume a lot of resources, but if you look at the tab (websites) it opens, they consume much more resources of course, it’s like a website. But I would not argue if you are just using to mark some important websites to track your cryptocurrency portfolio, gas fee or pin an important news site to browse stories everyday.

Setting is also very simple, you can change the color of the menubar icons, clear the cache of the browser.

And I have to remind you, the Pro version is free at the moment! Otherwise you will be limited to only 10 tabs.

Lastly, some bugs I found:

  • Loading speed of the tab is sometimes slow, could also be my internet issue 😂
  • Music stops after a while when playing in the tab, at the backend. I tried fm.douban.com and Spotify. The former has no issue but the latter stops after a while. I guess it has something to do with Spotify🤔 Comment below if you know why.

Here is a video I made while reviewing the app, check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube Channel #Gossipontech



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