Is Your Life Mapped Out? (Book Review)

Reffi Dhinar
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2 min readOct 17, 2023

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“That is a beautiful and elegant language (it’s one of my favourite subjects), but it reduces many things to zeros and ones — at least until a more elegant formula is worked out. And I personally feel that on those grounds, it’s incorrect to assume that no God exists, and especially to state it as fact.” (Page 147)

I bought this book to learn more about human will and our function in this world, but I’m curious to know it from an expert who writes the book through scientific research. I have a strong faith in my God and religion, but human is created as the most intellectual creature by God, so how this life is shaped to lead us really makes me curious too.

From the first half of this book, we will learn about how we inherit our parents and great-grandparents biological traits like physical appearance until their disease. Our brain is also shaped since we are a fetus in our Mom’s womb. It is related to how our Mom chooses the right food, lifestyle, etc.

And a good idea that I love so much is when the writer explains how we can change the future also our past. The past is already done but how we feel can be changed today. The future depends on our choice today. So the most important part is present.

Even the writer did so many scientific reports, that he jumps to the conclusion that God exists. God is like a field, providing us everything but it is our job to shape our field, good or bad. We’ll reap what we plant in our field. The book also explains the death phenomenon, presentiment, and law of attraction.

“God only ever answered prayers in one of three ways:

1. Yes
2. Not yet
3. I have something better in mind.

If you trust this is true, you can stop stressing about things and go with the flow in a relaxed way.” (Page 152)