Wild Ride (Short Book Review)

Reffi Dhinar
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2 min readOct 23, 2023

A true story from cancer survivor who flew to the space

“The summer before I was diagnosed with cancer, twenty years before I was invited to join Inspiration4, when my family and I took a tour of NASA because my little brother was obsessed with space, Mom and Dad and Hayden and I had our picture taken in front of a green screen.’’ (Page 289)

After a long time of not reading memoir books because I dive into marketing and self-development books, I picked this ebook on @libby.app with high curiosity. I always love the space. Armageddon was my favorite childhood movie then I had a dream to be an astronaut. Although I didn’t become an astronaut, I achieved my other biggest childhood dreams such as speaking in front of people who are waiting to be taught in writing or other subjects. It feels surreal. Then, reading this book really made me touched and cried for some parts.

Hayley, the author, is a PA in St. Jude who also helps to take care the cancer patients. She was a cancer survivor. When she was a kid, her leg became aching and it turned out she had cancer. She experienced multiple surgeries and one of her leg’s bones was replaced by a prosthesis. Sometimes, Hayley thought that she would never pass 21 years old for her age. The continuous support from the medical staff and family really helped her to survive on the lowest days.

This memoir is so raw and I can enjoy every moment that Hayley wrote through every chapter. She decided to travel around the world, learning hard to be the medical staff, and one day she got the opportunity from SpaceX to be the first cancer survivor with a prosthesis who flew to space. The space’s mission was to fundraise to help cancer patients in St. Jude and give hope for the children’s patient to have spirit and dream like Hayley.

Hayley did hard training and lost a person who she loved the most. I wiped my eyes for some heartbreaking moments in this book. Swipe right, you’ll know one of the beautiful messages from Hayley.