Introducing the Zoom to YouTube Service!

Join me in this screencast to witness the first lines of code ever written for the glorious Go Study Group Zoom to YouTube service!

Hey Gophers!

I have a confession…

I’ve been doing some crazy manual work that I should have automated from day 1!

Ever since we started recording the Go Study Groups — which is ever since the study groups started — I’ve been doing administrative busywork after every study group. Every. Single. Week…

Some History 📚

Every time a Go Study Group meeting concludes, Zoom saves the recording to its cloud service. After it’s done, I manually download it, encode it, and upload it to the Go Study Group YouTube Playlist.

We need computers to do the work for us! At least, I do!!!

Let’s Get Coding 🎉

And so, I present to you, the Zoom to YouTube Service. I started a repo, wrote a little bit of code, and screencasted the whole thing.

We’ll be writing almost all the code on video — either screencasts or live coding during the study groups. Plenty more to come here, and at the end, I hope we’ll have code running to automate me out of a job!

Keep on rockin’, Gophers!