A Spin on Podcasting! Hawk Nation!

An Interview with 8th Grade Student Body President, Madison (Maddie) Moore at Alice Drive Middle School

Jan 14, 2019 · 3 min read

This post was guest written by Jamie Lessard, an Instructional Coach in Sumter, SC. Learn more about Jamie in Episode #003 of the Perseverance Podcast.

A podcast is an audio story created to share ideas, presentations, or music. Typically podcasts are linked from a blog, so “podcasting” is often used to denote audioblogging. Students can use podcasts in the classroom to interview each other, tell stories, create newscasts, hold debates, or run radio shows. Schools can use podcasts to make announcements via their Web site or to record guest speakers and publish their presentations available online.

Source: https://edtechteacher.org/tools/multimedia/podcasting/

One of the great powers of podcasting is the attention is attracts. It’s tricky to encourage students to spend 30 minutes reading an article or watching a recorded lecture, but they will listen!

I’d like to share with you one unique way Synth was used to give the student government candidates a voice at Alice Drive Middle School.

As an instructional technology specialist, I love working with teachers and students, finding the latest and greatest Tech Tools to get the teachers excited to teach and students to learn! When I heard that the middle school student government candidates would be campaigning at the Middle School I work with, I thought, How cool would it be to have them use podcasting to campaign and deliver their messages/platform to the student body?

I ran the idea by the instructional coach, who was very supportive with the idea! We gathered the candidates and within 20 minutes had them all logged in and working on delivering their messages to the student body using video/voice. Synth was the perfect platform, easy to use, easy to listen and even easier to post to google classroom and school website!

The set-up process was simple! We simply added a few interview-style questions and asked that they respond to each. We set up individual grade level podcasts (6–8th grades) and with a participation code we invited the candidates to participate!

Our digital natives love using video and audio! Not to mention, they are quick!!

By the end of the week, the students had answered their interview questions and had used a combination of video/audio to introduce themselves and their ideas!

Here’s an example

Using Google Classroom, homeroom teachers were able to share the links to the podcasts and student could listen at their leisure before casting their vote!

How Synth Helped Spread My Campaign to Become Student Body President

By Madison Moore

Listen to Madison’s Synth podcast.

When I was named student body president, the first thing I did was scream. Secondly I called my mom to tell her the amazing news. Without using Synth as my main source of campaign throughout the school it would not have happened.

Experience with Synth

My experience with Synth was incredible! Not only did it allow me to spread my campaign throughout the student body, but it allowed me to do it easily. The website was very accessible and did not display any problems.

Learning to use Synth

I first learned to use Synth at the student council candidate meeting with Mrs. Lessard and Mrs. Barrineau. I was thrilled to find out how easy it would be to express my excitement about education and student government with the student body. Both Mrs. Lessard and Mrs. Barrineau made it easy for the student body candidates to understand the website.

In conclusion, Synth was very user friendly and really allowed me to spread my message throughout the school. Synth helped me have a voice!


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