Five Ways for Teachers to Use Synth

Improve connection in and outside school through better listening.

Brian Lamb
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Synth enables you to build interactive podcasts in byte-sized increments. It’s the most convenient way listen to the voices of students, teachers and administrators in your school and beyond.

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Make any conversation an interactive podcast.

You can turn any conversation within and outside your school into an interactive podcast experience. Some suggested applications include:

Professional Development: Use Synth as an “Audio Twitter” to collaborate with teachers anywhere in real-time with the convenience of voice, or setup a Podcast to have breakout or “slow” chat with managed participation.

Share Successes: Create a private interactive Podcast for your school or department to share successes and lessons learned across the whole teacher team. Telling these stories is proven to be one of the most important aspect of building a strong team, but there are so few opportunities in staff meetings and other gatherings do it. Don’t let these important stories get forgotten!

Building Community: Do you have deep respect for a teacher in your school that you’ve had the chance to work with closely? Odds are that not everyone knows or fully appreciates them. Fix that problem by interviewing them in an interactive Podcast to share their story. Cover how they became a teacher, what they overcame along the way, and what techniques they use that make them effective. It will help build deeper respect amongst teachers, administrators and parents.

Want to listen to an example? Check out the Perseverance Podcast episode #002 with educator Chris Bronke.

View entire podcast on Synth.

Create a Class Podcast. Discuss announcements, important school topics, current events or use it as an essential tool for instruction. Share it with parents and administrators so that the voices you are cultivating are empowered with listeners that care and can act.

Truly Listening to Your Student. Listening is one of the hardest things to make time for in a busy class. With Synth, you can make reflections routine. Do regular formative assessment that you can listen to with the convenience of a podcast. Plus, you’ll be building student’s speaking skills…even the shy ones. It’s an essential 21st century skill!

Want to get started?

You can sign up and get started at or download the app.

Want more detailed guidance? Go to our help page for instructions.

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