The Superhero Podcast

Intersection between life and myth.

The Superhero Podcast features my interview with veteran English teacher Kevin Chorusey. He’s a riveting storyteller whose command of myth makes you feel like you are talking to a modern day Joseph Campbell.

Mr. Kevin Chorusey teaching literature in the back of his classroom in 1985. Hicksville, NY.

When I walked into room 218 on the second floor of Holy Trinity High School in September of 1996, it was like I walked through a portal of creativity, imagination, timelessness, and courage. The walls were not just adorned but covered with decorations that were comprised of posters, projects, photos, artwork, toys, and poems — a good deal of which were either student-created or student-donated. There were carts and shelves of books, desks lined up diagonally so as to form a kind of seminar, Beatles music blaring from the stereo, and a man standing at the door, holding a sword to greet groups of anxious freshmen as they wandered into the unknown.

The unknown was exactly what Kevin Chorusey introduced us to, and it’s exactly what he challenged us to face in our own lives. Over twenty years later, and I have gone from being a student of his, to a colleague, and now a friend, and through that process I have watched him constantly hone his skills, tweak his lessons, and adapt to new technologies, but never lose that sense of wonder and excitement for teaching generations of Long Island teenagers what it means to be a careful reader, a keen observer, and a voracious explorer of the human condition.

Kevin has been telling me stories since I was 14, so at 36 I’ve learned how to reflect on and frame my own in a way that highlights their consequence and meaning. When I thought about who to talk to for my first podcast on this platform, Kevin came to mind because I knew I could get a blend of education, pop culture, and classical literature in a way that would showcase the powers of storytelling, voice, and connecting with the past. Asking Kevin to talk about teaching Folklore for over 25 years in a rapidly changing intellectual landscape was a no-brainer.

I hope this interview becomes something of a springboard for further such discussions, and ignites a hunger for meaning in your own world that is exciting and ultimately life-affirming.

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