Perseverance Podcast #002: Christopher Bronke

Caring for students with continuous improvement.

Episode #002 features my interview with Christopher Bronke . Chris is a Teacher, Writer and English Department Chair in Downers Grove, IL.

I first met Chris through our ambassador program for Recap. He always impressed me with his curiosity and resourcefulness in our early work together. When we decided to do back-to-school webinar series in 2017, I knew Chris would be a great fit for it.

During that webinar, he revealed the sophisticated ways he approaches his work, including how he weaves together student inquiry with cultural references like TED presentations to create personal, meaningful learning experiences.

I left the webinar wishing I had a chance to be a student in his classroom!

This interview is a follow up to the webinar. It’s a deep dive into why he became a teacher and the details of how he does his work. Like all teachers, he’s had a life-long motivation to educate and cares deeply about his students. But what impressed me most about Chris as I learned more about him is his willingness to measure it and constantly improve on it.

Check out the intro:

Listen to the entire podcast now: Episode #002.

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