Foster student voice with the convenience of voice

Brian Lamb
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Synth enables you to build interactive podcasts in byte-sized increments.

It fosters student voice in similar ways to Recap and Flipgrid, but with the added convenience of being able to listen to them anywhere, back-to-back like a podcast. It’s an authentic tool for anyone, yet incorporates dedicated student accounts with a simplified workflow and a range of privacy protections specific to meet their individual needs.


There are many popular student voice applications that Synth is ideal for, including:

Audio Exit Tickets: Setup a Podcast for your whole class. Enter a question or prompt in a Synth based on that days lesson for students to respond to in threads. You can listen to those responses on your commute home or while you are making dinner to get the feedback you need for tomorrow’s lesson.

Reflections: Metacognition is essential to learning. Giving students the chance to synthesize (synth-esize) their thinking after every activity helps cement it. Synth makes this more convenient than ever. Students can do it on the go instead of trapped in a cramped tent. Teachers and parents can listen during commutes and chores.

Present Evidence of Thinking: Giving evidence of your thinking is as essential as getting the right answer. Have students use Synth to explain their work with links to external documents and other supporting materials to build this essential skill.

Language Practice: Being able to hear proper demonstrations, repeat them and hearing yourself helps rapidly develop any new language skills. Teachers can model skills for students to playback repeatedly. Students can respond back in easy to listen to threads to demonstrate their mastery for teachers. Plus students can practice repeatedly on draft Synths in their library free from judgment till they get it right!

#Appsmashing: Each individual Synth can be linked to other materials, apps and experiences. Up to 10 at a time! Introduce new units, describe exercises and provide instructions for the use of other apps like Edpuzzle, Padlet, Quizlet, Seesaw and Nearpod.

A Cool New Idea for Synth

Strengthen the community in your class by having students interview each other like a traditional Podcast! Their stories will help form new connections and build a new 21st century skill — Podcasting. All you need to do is set up a class Podcast, add all students as participants, pair them up and have them pose questions and answers in their own threads.

Or for a more advanced method, set up a Podcast for each individual group of students so that they can create a complete listening experience.

Ready to get started?

Sign up and get started at or download the app.

Want more detailed guidance? Go to our help page for more instructions.


A podcast app for people that listen with purpose.

Brian Lamb

Written by

Co-founder @gosynth and @goswivl. Stanford design alum & past lecturer.



A podcast app for people that listen with purpose.

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