Introducing our Newest Equity Architects

Equity Institute
Mar 19 · 2 min read

Over the past three months, Equity Institute has added three additional team members to help evolve and grow our work. Each of them bring a unique perspective and valuable skill set to the organization. They are courageous, thoughtful, and intentional, and most importantly, they believe in racial equity and helping to build a society that respects the worth and dignity of every individual in our diverse society. Meet the newest Equity Architects below:

Ayana Bass (she, her, hers)

Ayana joined Equity Institute in January 2021. As an adult-learner, her academic journey took her on a non-traditional path through a traditional program at Rhode Island College where she completed her bachelor’s degree at the age of 39. She’s an avid volunteer and values the importance and beauty of building relationships with people in her community and beyond. Ayana looks forward to continuing her own educational journey as she pursues her master’s degree and engages with research projects in the field of education.

Vanessa Vigil (she, her, ella)

Vanessa joined Equity Institute in January 2021. Before entering her current role with Equity Institute, Vanessa was a community outreach specialist with Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island. She graduated from College Unbound with an undergraduate degree in organizational leadership and change and completed her graduate degree at Brown University in healthcare leadership. Vanessa is a mother of three and spends much of her time exploring topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism in the healthcare field.

Kaitlin Moran (she, her, hers)

Kaitlin joined Equity Institute in March 2021. Prior to her role with Equity Institute, she was a school administrator and classroom teacher. Boston Public Schools highlighted her classroom as an exemplary model classroom characterized by collaborative activities, critical inquiry, and authentic opportunities for students to apply learning to their lived experiences. In addition to teaching, Kaitlin completed graduate-level research on how writing can be used to increase agency in immigrant students.

got equity?

A Medium publication on the intersection between race, identity, and education.

got equity?

We provide a space for our followers to read and learn about equitable and antiracist policies and practices in education.

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We develop and implement innovative solutions for building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and professional environments

got equity?

We provide a space for our followers to read and learn about equitable and antiracist policies and practices in education.

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