Ideas : You believe them?

Without ideas, mankind has nothing.

Mankind’s ability to have ideas, and process them by coming up with solutions or actions, is what makes us separate from the rest of creation.

  • Ideas give us innovations in science
  • Ideas give us the impetus to make the world better for everyone
  • Ideas give us the power and the means to overcome difficulty
  • Ideas give us the reason to take action against injustice
  • Ideas enable us to create-all art, music and poetry : all comes from ideas
  • In short, ideas shape us and our world

They are a second “thing” large numbers of people can get behind, after “a person.” Just like people, whether or not they’re 100% accurate is mostly irrelevant, as long as it’s generally in the right direction, and attractive.

People who think ideas are unimportant are mostly short sighted and hurt themselves.

Came across MyIdeaList on Twitter. It has a unique concept of to create a sense of demand for ideas even before they are launched. And even if you have built an idea where the product may/ may not have a pricing strategy, they too can post about their idea to get a sense of number of users interested in their idea and how much they are willing to pay, if such ideas existed in reality!

But are we ready to disclose our ideas publicly so easily, saying go grab it!

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” — Howard Aike
In my opinion it’s more important to give life to your ideas, rather than keeping them as just ideas.