In conversation with the Qupid Team

An Interview with the souls behind Qupid, as taken by Garima Gupta

  1. What was the inspiration behind the idea?
    ~The inspiration behind the app was to create a personal space for couples. The app is mostly focused on solving problems of couples who are in a long distance relationship. We, the founders at Qupid have felt the pain of not having a private space on the web dedicated to just us and our respective lovers, hence we built this app. We also have many ideas for this app to make our long distance relationships even more special. We will ship those ideas as features on Qupid soon.
  2. How is this app unique? Considering there are similar apps, how does qupid stand out?
    ~ The app is a couple chat app not the stereotype dating app or a multi user cat app. QUPID STANDS out primarily because there is no noise of others or friends on it, it’s just for 2 people , you and your lover. Break up with your lover first, if you want to add someONE else there. It is an absolutely private space for 2 lovers on the web, to experience the web and their life in general together.
  3. Please explain the overall functioning and the features of the application.
    ~ Private chatting is the core. In the future shopping together on mcommerce, shared wallet. So far we have features like sensation which is a virtual kiss is the most popular feature among the couples. Love buzz is a feature which let’s your partner get informed of you thinking about him/her. Dates and notes feature to plan life together with a smart location based place finder differentiating the dates into coffee date, shopping date, movie date etc. The chat is the most used screen on Qupid where couples connect with each other.
  4. Why would a couple choose to communicate through qupid and not

    ~Because at the end of the day they just want to communicate. Couples would choose Qupid over different platforms such as platform because platforms like WhatsApp have a very cluttered and noisy environment where one is not able to focus on his/her partner. Qupid gives a special feel to the love relationship. Love deserves it’s own space on the web.
  5. Are you funded?
    ~We are technically funded in terms of development resources by an IT company Trendsetterz Pvt Ltd owned by Nikhil Kumar.
  6. Do you have a well-defined monetisation revenue?
    ~Yes we do have a well defined monetisation model. Our revenue model is based around various types of revenue geration systems which involves advertising( location based offers, featured listings, text ads, video ads, promoted content) , in-app purchase, m-commerce and coupon sales. We also wish to offer pre-bookings which may involve advance bookings of seats, rooms etc in various restraunts, hotels and coffee shops which would play a major role in the generating revenue.
  7. What is the current number of downloads and how many active users
    does the app have?

    ~ Current user base of Qupid is more than 2500+ with a little over 2000 active users.
  8. Which similar apps are your competitors?
    ~Couple app, avacado and Between are our competitors.
  9. What is the team size? Any expansion plans?
    ~We have a team of around 5 people who are working on the app and other 3–5 people if we need any specific expert assistance. Yes we do have expansion plan in the near future. We are looking to be the number 1 app for lovers in India first, so expanding to all corners of India is our first expansion goal.
  10. What is the market size? What proportion of the market contribution
    is international?

    10- The market size is huge. Our primary target market is between the age group of 13–32 which includes teenagers, young professionals and young married couples. 14% of the users are from outside India in the current user base of Qupid.
  11. Coming from the Boy who got hold of the PMO twitter handle to
    creating Qupid, how was the journey? What hurdles did you overcome?

    ~ The journey was a fine one. Work on Qupid actually started a month before Qaiser got the twitter handle. Acquiring the PMO twitter handle got some media noise and distraction on the way but Qaiser managed to come out of it to focus on the thought of Qupid.
  12. Please share a brief background about the founders.

~Qaiser Ali — He is currently studying in Bangalore and doing computer engineering. He has had a startup called Picxter which was a person social netwrok , before he launched Qupid. Also got dragged into limelight for aquring the Twitter Pmo handle.

~Nikhil Kumar — Nikhil has been in the tech service business called since 5 years and has a vast experience in some tech consulting and business solutions. He is also an advisor in many startups.

~Nishchal Kesarwani— Nishchal has been in the web product tech and design business for 7 years and is building an inspiring company for entrepreneurs in India called with an incredible team apart from working on Qupid. 2 months ago he built a very novel productivity chrome extension recently called

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