Broken Mirror

Gotham Writers Write-In — 10/29/21 (prompt 2)

Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash

Jeff wakes up with an exploding headache. He slowly drags himself to the bathroom to search for Tylenol.

Still dark outside, he squints as he flicks on the bathroom light. He glances into the mirror and doesn’t recognize his own face. He’s wrapped in bandages and gauze. A mummified version of himself. He feels around on the counter for…




Every Friday, Gotham Writers hosts virtual sessions for writers to join. People from around the world are given a prompt and 15 minutes to write. We share our stories and listen to others while we provide a supportive environment. This is a collection of some of those stories.

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Vanessa Fleming

Vanessa Fleming

A mixture of short stories created from prompts (@gothamwriterscollection) and stories to highlight women’s health advocacy (@thekindredchampion).

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