That’s not mine!

Gotham Writers Write-In — 5/7/2021

A woman smoking
Photo by Dimitri Bong on Unsplash

Oh, this? It’s just a cigarette. No no, just a cigarette. No, officer, it’s just a cigarette! Well, I’m sorry that you think you smell something other than tobacco. Have you had Covid? Because I hear that when your sense of smell comes back it can be faulty. This bowl, you ask? Oh, that’s for my son. It’s not mine! I don’t even know how to use it! Visine? Why do I have Visine…



Every Friday, Gotham Writers hosts virtual sessions for writers to join. People from around the world are given a prompt and 15 minutes to write. We share our stories and listen to others while we provide a supportive environment. This is a collection of some of those stories.

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Vanessa Fleming

Vanessa Fleming

A mixture of short stories created from prompts (@gothamwriterscollection) and stories to highlight women’s health advocacy (@thekindredchampion).