Five top coaching lessons from Gousto’s C-Suite

Shaun — CTO. Be vulnerable, and encourage others to be vulnerable too.

Sally — CPO. Lean in to give challenging feedback.

Charles — EVP Ops. You are always on a learning curve.

Jim Buckle — CFO. Remember, it’s a *personal* + *development* plan.

Understand where to focus your conversations

Tom — CMO. Wildcard — five extra top tips

  1. Do your own PDP and get coaching yourself so you can live the challenges. So many managers don’t. How can you guide others effectively if you don’t know what good looks like for yourself?
  2. When first approaching coaching, use the first meeting to set the context for the whole process. Don’t just launch in. Build a shared understanding of how and why it is beneficial for your coaches.
  3. Quickly hand responsibility for the sessions to your coachee. They should own their development, not you.
  4. Write it all down. Writing makes development real and tangible, and 10x more likely that it will happen
  5. Use 121s as a way to reinforce personal development focus areas continually. Don’t just wait every six weeks. I use every other 121 to check in with top development areas and schedule it into the meeting agenda



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