Meet the Team at Gousto Tech — Harshna Patel— Senior Software Engineer

This post is part of our series interviewing members of our GoustoTech team. In this post, we meet Harshna Patel who is a Senior Software Engineer in our Peppers squad.

Kicking things off with the toughest question, what’s your favourite food?

Lamb curry for sure.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Gousto.

Hello everyone! I am Harshna, a Senior Software Engineer at Gousto. I work in the Peppers squad dealing with all our factory picking issues. These are issues like ingredient swaps, running picking algorithms over customer orders and developing new features to help support our newest factories.

How long have you been at Gousto?

Just over a year!

Can you tell us a little about your journey before arriving at Gousto?

I am from a Computer Science background, and have spent my career trying different industries and companies of different sizes. I initially started out in the visual effects industry as a software engineer, working on blockbuster movies, before moving onto the fintech space and now Gousto!

What made you decide to join Gousto?

Back in December 2020, I was really keen to join a company that cared about their ecological sustainability, and whose product left a net benefit on customers and the planet. Gousto hit all of these criteria and continues to, through elements like the Eco Chill Box and trials of dissolvable packaging.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve worked on at Gousto since joining?

My squad Peppers spun up a swap process for our newest factory. This enabled ingredients to be swapped by factory teams where necessary and have it automatically reflected in the stock being decanted for boxes. There’s always work on iterating and improving this process, but it’s exciting to see the minimum viable product (MVP) live in production.

What’s in the pipeline that you’re excited about at Gousto?

I’m always intrigued by our next-in-line recipe series. For example, last year we had Taste of Korea and the Cook Starter series where independent restaurants got to showcase their recipes on the menu. I can’t tell you what’s coming next, but it’s guaranteed to be tasty and I’m always excited to find out!

How would you describe the culture at Gousto?

Fellow engineers are always willing to help out other engineers and there’s also a willingness in squads to question and work on team dynamics. The culture between engineers is particularly friendly and helpful, and there is a lot to learn from different functions in squads. For example, the Peppers squad is cross-functional and currently collaborating with our data scientists to rebuild one of our data science products.

Why would you suggest that someone considers joining us at Gousto Tech?

If you’re considering joining us in Gousto Tech I’d say consider how you react to uncertainty, as the growth and scaling of Gousto can present challenges of that manner. The engineers are a friendly bunch though, so feel free to tweet us any questions!




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