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Top 10 Citizen Relationship Solution Companies

Top 10 Citizen Relationship Solution Companies

It is evident that in current years, the relationship between governments and their citizens continues to going downhill. Governments, occasionally, are unable to listen to citizens’ desires or reply safely to their demands, owing to the sheer depth and complex nature of initiating such processes. Amidst these disparities, a rising suite of equipment and options surface, catalyzing the developing efforts at special authorities ranges to reply rapidly and accurately to citizen needs or inquiries about policies, practices, and procedures. Leveraging the today’s technological developments such as statistics analytics, computer learning, and automation, these solutions broadly speaking serve as a platform for case management, citizen engagement, and hassle reporting to enhance operations, promote open data, and allow better integration with the authorities agencies.

Consequently, an upsurge of cell communications and social media systems have paved the way for people to be constantly online and connect with their government at any time from anywhere, and additionally to count on quick responses to their queries. There are multitudes of pinnacle citizen relationship agencies in the market that can help governments meet these demands in a scalable way through technology-driven, transparent, and collaborative systems for citizen engagement at conversation-pace. Government companies can undertake turnkey solutions from these top corporations to collect and analyze contextual facts from their always-on citizens so that leaders can prioritize their policies to be more accurate and aligned with what the people need or care about the most.

In light of the massive science transitions in today’s digital world, Government CIO Outlook has compiled a listing of pinnacle 10 citizen relationship answer companies to help leaders and government institutions harness the strength of science to boost citizen engagement, whilst increasing operational effectivity via managing imperative tasks — from strategic planning to allow tracking and zoning management…..Continue Reading

Top Citizen Relationship Solution Companies:

Bitco Software

The company offers PermitTrax, a permit tracking software for the government. PermitTrax is a complete land management system with features including permit tracking, license tracking, code/case tracking, a robust reporting engine, GIS, and integration with electronic plan review. As a full-featured Web-based enterprise Land Management Suite packaged and sold as either a SaaS (Software as a Service) or On-Premise solution, PermitTrax is apt for automating the permitting processes in government

enCodePlus, LLC

enCodePlus is a Citizen Relationship Solution Provider that transforms municipal code and zoning management by offering an Internet-based document presentation and content management system (CMS). Through its namesake software, the company enables planners to draft, edit, review, archive, and publish zoning and land development regulations, municipal codes or county codes without delay.


As an industry leader, Accela has been designing and delivering government software to enhance efficiency, increase citizen engagement, and enable the development of thriving communities. The company provides a robust, cloud-based platform of government software solutions that accelerate growth, efficiency, and transparency in communities of all sizes. From planning to building to service request management and more.


The cloud-based content management system of CitizenGlobal, empowers organizations to consolidate under a single, collaborative platform the collection, storage, management, analysis and distribution of multimedia data from virtually any source. In doing so, the CG solution enables organizations to work more efficiently, collaborate in the management of content and scale infrastructure on-demand, thus saving time and money.


As a leading provider of SaaS-based solutions, Comcate empowers government and local municipalities to effectively execute and manage crucial programs, dedicated to enabling local agencies to manage their assets better and serve local citizens through program-based solutions. The company aims to help public agencies achieve their goals and continuously improve service to their customers (citizens, businesses, elected officials, and staff) through the creation and management of programs by combining their in-depth, extensive knowledge of local government operations and workflows with technology solutions.


Hootsuite is one of the most widely used platforms for managing social media. It deals with advertising, apps, brand marketing, messaging, SaaS, and social media. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that drives real results for the business. The solution offered by the company is social marketing, social selling, customer service, and employee advocacy. The company is helping global brands across all major industries like higher education, financial services, government, healthcare, etc.


MetroQuest Vancouver is obsessed with delivering the best public engagement experiences online. MetroQuest is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service), offering with subscription-based licensing, enabling licensed users to set-up and launch their MetroQuest Sites to support their public engagement objectives. The company is specialized in Software, Planning, Public Engagement, Community Engagement, and SaaS. MetroQuest surveys are fast, fun, and delightful on any device


The main aim of the company is to empower mission owners to work smarter and elate their customers. The missionside is creating and providing superior customer experiences for mission-oriented government and commercial organizations. The comprehensive citizen engagement solution suite includes citizen interaction services, interaction support platforms, installation and configuration, program management, and citizen engagement strategy. The team strives through the customization of AI-based digital technologies and tools, and advanced contact center operational management process to create a good outcome


OpenGov is a provider of enterprise cloud solutions for the government. OpenGov is specialized in government finance, government accounting, data visualization, management reporting, budgeting, transparency, open data, chart of accounts, operational performance, citizen engagement, local government, state government, government budgeting, and outcome budgeting. The partners of Opengov are Amazon web services, Workiva, STW Inc. eCapital Advisors, AppGeo, SOMA Global, and Community Data.


Votem is a revolutionary mobile voting platform designed to cast votes in elections across the globe securely. They use cutting-edge mobile technology along with integration to state registration systems, which allows clients to securely register faster than they can say, “let’s go vote!” they leverage blockchain and cybersecurity that surpasses even most government standards, they enable clients to vote from practically anywhere in the world from their favorite mobile device. To meet the moving target, the team prepared for the company has the brightest minds on the planet.

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