Neil Henegan
Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read

The dark side of starting a business is the admin. “Please file form 204 at counter 7, then complete CoR14.3 before proceeding to registration desk 4”.

If you are someone new to the business world, you have 2 choices:

  1. Deal with the back office admin yourself.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you.

Finding and hiring someone is difficult and costs money. So it becomes something you do yourself, a schlep.

Incorporating, bookkeeping, contracts, taxes, payments. All this you must do even if you’re a small business. Balancing on the cusp of survival means these things are often done poorly, resulting in costly mistakes and distraction.

Why solve this problem?

The phone in your pocket, the car you drive — all made possible by companies. Companies are the best thing we’ve come up with to get new ideas into the world. Unsurprisingly then, new companies inject new ideas and growth.

Entrepreneurship creates new jobs and new businesses, new ways to deliver basic services, new ways of seeing the world — it’s the spark of prosperity.

— Barak Obama

When someone realizes they can deliver a better and less-expensive product than is currently available they may decide to start a company. If you’re new to the business world, figuring out step-1 is a scary process.

What’s the solution?

At Govchain we’re creating an pain-free entry point into the formal economy. Anyone from anywhere should be able to spin up a company in an instant; a serviced corporate identity that keeps you focused on delivering real value to real people.

And if we succeed, what would that look like?

If new business is the driver of economic growth it appears to be, then our efforts could be measured on the macro-economic indicators of a country.

Visit for the easiest way to start an official business in South Africa.


Govchain makes it easy to incorporate and maintain a formal company.

Neil Henegan

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Govchain makes it easy to incorporate and maintain a formal company.

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