Both Liberal & Conservative Philosophies Are Toxic To A Free & Prosperous Country

Liberal and conservative dogmatism is toxic to the most successful strategy for running a country — pragmatism

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By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

Fundamental Liberal & Conservative Principles

The fundamental moral philosophy espoused by conservatives is “Look Out For Number One.”

The fundamental moral philosophy espoused by liberals is “We Need To Help Others.”

Why Liberal & Conservative Principles Are Toxic To Effective Government

A government limited by the dogmatic commandments of either political religion is doomed to fail for the fundamental reasons that

  • (1) political religions are based on personal moral principles designed to guide the conduct of individual human beings and those dogmatic rules are incompatible with and inapplicable to rules needed for the efficient governing of a group of millions of diverse individuals.

>>>“Look out for number one” and “Help Others” are individual goals that >>>are inapplicable to achieving widespread prosperity for a diverse >>>country as a whole.

  • (2) Dogmatic rules are absolutely toxic to the only strategy that allows societies to design and implement broadly successful policies, namely pragmatic, common-sense, long-term cost/benefit analysis.

A fundamental national policy of abandoning individuals to a society where everyone is “Looking out for number one” leads to the drastic reduction of the middle class, the creation of an impoverished underclass, and an immensely wealthy overclass, essentially a plutocracy founded on family and inherited wealth on one end (who have the money and connections to successfully look out for number one) and untrained, impoverished citizens on the other, which is exactly what we are seeing happening in the United States today.

On a societal level, a fundamental national policy of Helping Others is doomed to end in conflict and failure which is what we have seen in every country that has tried to implement a “share the wealth” system of government.

The goal for an individual might be greater wealth and power or morally better conduct, but a country as a whole has to establish a wholly different goal to be achieved by pragmatic rules and policies designed to yield the best balance of personal freedom, prosperity, innovation, health, social mobility and lack of violence for the largest number of citizens of all types.

Pragmatism, Not Dogmatism

The strategy that will best achieve those goals for a group of hundreds of millions of diverse people is pragmatism which must never be imprisoned within the straightjacket of dogmatic liberal or conservative ideology.

Governments primarily dedicated to promoting either looking out for number one or helping others are doomed to fail because neither principle allows the efficient fulfillment of the prime role of a government for a country with hundreds of millions of diverse citizens— creating and operating a legal and economic structure that improves the personal freedom, prosperity, innovation, health, social mobility and lack of violence for as many as possible of country’s hundreds of millions of diverse citizens.

— David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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David Grace

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