People Who Refuse To Be Vaccinated Should Lose Their Medical Insurance Coverage For COVID Bills

If you choose to not to be vaccinated for COVID, shouldn’t your insurance carrier be allowed to exclude COVID from your insurance coverage?

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By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

The So-Called Freedom To Refuse To Wear A Mask

For the last several months we’ve heard all the usual libertarian/anarchist baloney about people needing to be free to refuse to wear a mask — Personal freedom, left-wing plot, fake disease, being in control of our own bodies, making decisions for ourselves, rugged individualism, blah, blah, blah.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Like most libertarian demands for freedom, their arguments are based on the notion, fantasy, lie, that people have a right to do things that risk damage to others (not wear a mask) but without having any responsibility to pay for the damages that their actions inflict on other people (infecting them with a deadly disease).

In this case, that people should be free to infect others with a deadly/debilitating disease if they want to while having no obligation to pay for the pain, costs and harm that their so-called freedom-to-infect-people causes the other people who get sick because of them.

That’s like saying that people have a right to drink and drive, but that they shouldn’t be liable for the lives and property they destroy when, because they were alcohol-impaired, they smashed their car into some innocent family on their way to church.

The So-Called Right Not To Get Vaccinated

As ridiculous as that claim is, there is a second outrageous aspect to this “I have a right to do whatever I want to do no matter how much danger my conduct poses to others” argument, namely, that the “I don’t need no stinkin’ vaccination” people expect others to pay their medical bills if, after refusing to be vaccinated, they get COVID.

If You Refuse To Be Vaccinated, Isn’t COVID Your Problem?

If you believe in a free person’s right not to be forced to pay someone else’s bills, in the right of businesses to be free of an obligation to pay costs created by someone else’s deliberate choices, in personal responsibility for your own actions, then you should agree that medical-insurance companies should be allowed to refuse to cover any COVID-related medical costs for any of their unvaccinated insureds who get the disease.

Shouldn’t Blue Cross, United Health, Humana, Kaiser and the rest of the medical insurance companies be allowed to say to every person whom they insure:

  • “People, unless you have a documented medical condition that would cause a COVID vaccination to materially expose you to a serious risk of serious harm, you’ve got two weeks to get a COVID vaccination.
  • “If you don’t get vaccinated by the end of that two-week period and then you get COVID, you WILL NOT BE INSURED for any COVID-related medical expenses. Those medical costs could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you will have to pay them all out of your own pocket, unless you declare bankruptcy.
  • “So, here’s your choice, insured person:
  • >1) Get vaccinated right now, or
  • >2) Give up your medical insurance for any COVID-related medical costs.”

Do You STILL Want To Skip The Vaccine?

Now when they’ve got to pay the bills arising from their exercise of their “right not to be vaccinated” let’s see how much all these rugged individualists really want to exercise their so-called freedom not to get vaccinated.

By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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