The Republicans’ Final, Fallback Defense: “Character Doesn’t Matter”

The so-called moral majority finally admits that morals don’t matter to them at all.

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By David Grace (

The Slow But Inexorable Reveal

It started with, “He’s a successful businessman.”

Then people found out that he had run his companies into bankruptcy six times and he’s been hiding his tax returns as if they contain child pornography.

Then it became, “He just has an eccentric personality.”

His refusal to visit Denmark when they said they wouldn’t sell us Greenland certainly confirmed that.

Then, “That’s just Trump being Trump.”

What else can you say about a President who publicly wishes an accused sex trafficker well and supports the Russian dictator’s denials over the wrongdoing discovered by his own intelligence community?

Then it was, “His silly antics aren’t really important.”


He shut down the government for months in a failed attempt to blackmail the country into enacting a law a majority of the members of congress thought was a bad idea.

He admitted lying to the country about the danger from the looming pandemic.

He promised to protect the right of people with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance then asked the Supreme Court to strike down the law that guaranteed people with pre-existing conditions the right to get health insurance.

There Is No Longer Any Plausible Deniability

After three and a half years in office, Mr. T’s meanness, his dishonesty, his constant lies, his bragging about grabbing women’s genitals, his degrading references to women, his extra-marital affairs, his support for Russia, his false attacks on the election process, his narcissism and megalomania have became so painfully apparent that only his most dedicated supporters still even try to deny them.

Well, The President Doesn’t Really Need To Be A Decent Person

The same people who claim to be part of the moral majority, committed believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, upstanding, church-going citizens who bemoan the availability of pornography, drugs, abortion, homosexuality and other signs of what they label as moral decay, now justify planning to vote for him with the frightening notion that the horrible character of the President of the United States doesn’t really matter.

Grasping for any way to excuse planning to vote to give DT a second term, they’ve now fallen back to the argument, “OK, personally, Trump is the untrustworthy, dishonest, mean-spirited, lying, despicable human being you’ve been claiming he is, but that doesn’t really matter.

“Now that we can no longer deny that our guy is a horrible human being, we’re falling back to the position that his terrible character is actually irrelevant, that the only thing that Americans should care about is if he does the stuff they want him to do, and that so as long as he gives us what we want, it doesn’t matter how untrustworthy and dishonest a person the President of the United States is.”


How Low Can You Go?

I remember a scene from Seinfeld where Jerry had upset Elaine yet again. In utter disappointment she looked at him and said, “Just when I think you can’t be any more shallow, you find a way to drain some more water out of the pool.”

I have to ask myself, is there any depth to which a Republican President can sink that people like Lindsey Graham will finally say, “Enough. That’s it. It would be the lesser of two evils to have Joe Biden as President”?

Is There Anyone So Terrible That Lindsey Graham Would Vote For The Democrat?

Is there anyone in the history of the world who, if he were the incumbent Republican President, was so bad that they would reject him and vote for Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils?

What if we could transplant Bernie Madoff into the White House in place of Donald Trump and Bernie had the same politics and the same accomplishments as DT?

Put differently, what if it was discovered that Donald Trump had done everything that Bernie Madoff did? Would that be enough for Lindsey Graham to vote for Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils?

We can pick increasingly horrible people and ask, “Is this a person who is finally so bad that if he were the incumbent Republican candidate, Lindsey Graham would vote for Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils?”

What if we learned that Donald Trump had been a serial killer who had murdered as many people as Ted Bundy? Would that be enough for Lindsey Graham to vote for Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils?

Idi Amin?

Jeffrey Dahmer?

Joe Stalin?

Adolph Hitler?

Is there anybody whose character is so vile that if he were the incumbent Republican Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham would vote for Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils?

Naked Self-Interest Trumps Good Character

I don’t think there is.

No matter how despicable, morally bankrupt, and criminally inclined, I don’t think there is any depth to which an incumbent Republican President could sink that would cause him to lose the support of core Republican voters.

Hypocrisy Is The New Black

I think that the hypocrisy of conservative Republicans who claim to be the moral majority, followers of Jesus Christ, protectors of “family values” is so boundless, so immense, that if it was discovered that Donald Trump was the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, nevertheless they would still march into the voting booth chanting their mantra:

“Yes, he’s one of the worst people in the history of the world, but the stock market is doing well, he cut my taxes, he’s standing up to China, and he’s going to appoint judges that will make gay marriage and abortion illegal so it doesn’t matter what he’s done, who he is, or what he’s capable of doing, the country will be better off with him as President rather than Joe Biden.”

Making A Deal With The Devil Will End Badly For You

Do you think that naked dishonesty, greed, and egomania in your business partner, your employer, the CEO of your company, your banker or your minister would be fine, no problem?

Would it be smart to go into business or invest your money with a lying, dishonest, greedy megalomaniac? Do you think maybe not so much?

Then, how the hell do you think that it is anything short of a disaster to have a lying, dishonest, greedy, mean, power hungry, narcissist megalomaniac as the President of the United States and Commander In Chief of America’s armed forces?

You’re Lying To Yourself

Here is my message for anyone who thinks that the character of the people you put into power doesn’t matter:

  • “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7
  • He who sups with the Devil had best use a long spoon.
  • Those who lie down with dogs will get fleas.
  • What goes around, comes around.
  • That vicious dog you bought to bite other people is going to end up biting you.

— David Grace (

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