To The Progressives Who Refused To Vote For Hillary & Thus Sealed Trump’s Election: Good Job!

Progressives boycotting Hillary–>Trump’s Election–>Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Coney–>Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health–>More To Come

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By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

I’m Taking My Ball & Going Home

Progressives learned nothing from casting protest votes for Ralph Nader in 2000, a futile act that put George Bush in the White House and gave us the Iraq War.

Still indignant in 2016 that their guy, Bernie Sanders, didn’t get nominated, like a child throwing a tantrum many progressives boycotted Hillary, certain that the Democratic Party would then finally realize that they couldn’t be taken for granted and that the next time they would get their way.

By Not Voting For Hillary, Progressives Elected Trump

But that flawed logic ignored the fact that Presidential elections are digital, not analog, that the next President is always one of the two candidates, and that by not voting for one, by default you are electing the other.

By not voting for Gore, progressives elected Bush.

  • But, they thought, how bad could Bush be?

By not voting for Hillary, progressives elected Trump.

  • But, again, they salved their conscience with the thought, How much damage could Trump actually do?

Well, you showed them!

Progressives’ refusal to vote for Gore or Hillary was like being served a bad-tasting meal and protesting it by throwing the plate on the floor and then chugging down a vial of poison;

Like punishing your cheating wife by shooting her and then committing suicide. That’ll teach her!

Are You Happy Now?

So, you progressives who refused to vote for Gore and Hillary, are you pleased with the world you enabled?

  • George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Iraq War
  • The Bush tax cuts for the rich
  • Trump’s election
  • The Trump tax cuts for the rich
  • Appointment of right-wing judges
  • — — the reversal of Roe
  • — — the coming reversal of Obergefell v. Hodges
  • The creation of the widespread belief that
  • — — any election that a Republican loses must have been stolen;
  • — — election officials are generally corrupt;
  • — — voting fraud is so massive that the ability to vote must be restricted;
  • — — masks and vaccinations were a socialist plot

Spiteful, futile protests have consequences.

From Day One The Progressives’ Strategy Was Fundamentally Flawed

Progressives wrongly think that they can get power with a shortcut, that by just putting a liberal at the top of the ballot they will get to run the country.

But that mistaken theory misses three crucial facts:

  • Forty-two Republican senators who represent the most rural states are elected by less than 16% of the nation’s voters. Conservative, rural voters, not progressives, have a veto over most federal legislation.
  • Electoral votes, not popular votes, elect presidents, and
  • The electoral college is biased in favor of rural voters who are conservative not progressive.

So, when the election was over, Hillary got 66 million votes and lost the electoral college while Trump, who got only 63 million votes, won the Electoral College and the White House.

Hillary, not a progressive, was too liberal for 63 million voters and Biden, not a progressive, was too liberal for 71 million voters. Take a guess how many voters and, more importantly, how many electoral votes Bernie Sanders would have been too liberal for.

If you want evidence that progressives don’t have the votes to win control of the country, consider that Republicans are likely going to take both houses of Congress in 2022.

Why is the right-wing Republican Party probably going to end up running the country again in 2025? Because the Dem’s candidates won’t be progressive enough? If you believe that then I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

Over many decades, conservatives have put in the work to sell ordinary Americans phony reasons why conservative Republicans should run the country.

  • At least half the country believes that the progressives’ fundamental philosophy is: Raise taxes and use the money to make poor people’s lives better.
  • At least half the country believes that the conservatives’ fundamental philosophy is: We will stop the liberals from taking your money and giving it to lazy, ignorant, stupid people who just want a free ride from the government on your hard-earned money.

Most people principally act from emotional, not rational, motives and in their own self interest, which means that the conservative’s perceived philosophy is inherently more attractive to most voters than the progressive’s.

Conservative politicians understand that protecting your own self interest is always a more powerful message than helping others, so that’s the sort of message the conservatives have crafted.

To get enough rural votes to gain control of Congress and the White House progressives need to do the long-term, hard work of changing the grass roots’ perception of both the conservatives’ fundamental plans and their own.

So far, progressives have failed to put in the work to give ordinary Americans clear emotional and self-interested reasons, not appeals to altruism, to vote for them.

Instead of trying to win control of the Federal government by starting with a liberal at the top of the ballot and assuming s/he will get elected because progressives are so morally pure, progressives need to generate a base of support for progressive policies that appeal to the emotions and self interest of a majority of both rural and urban voters.

So far, the Progressives have shown zero interest in doing that. They’re still trying to convince people to vote for them because helping poor, disadvantaged and marginalized people is the right and ethical thing to do and that the Republicans are the bad guys.

That may be a morally uplifting philosophy but it will not win control of the federal government.

— David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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