Trump Republicans Believe That No Democrat Should Ever Be Allowed To Become President

Trump Republicans are in a no-holds-barred war to “Save America” & they will do anything to keep any Democrat from ever becoming President.

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By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

Conspiracy Believers Are Immune To Facts

There are people who, against all evidence, believe that the earth is flat, that Neil Armstrong never landed on the moon, and that 9/11 was really carried out by covert agents of the U.S. government.

If you show flat earthers a picture of the earth taken from the moon they will insist that it is a fake. If you show them pictures taken from the International Space Station, they’ll tell you not only that the picture is a fake but that the ISS itself doesn’t exist.

I doubt that flat earthers are predominately liberals or predominately conservatives.

Why Are The Current Crop Of Conspiracy Theorists Almost All Right Wingers?

So, why are right wingers the people who claim that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the secret operators of a child sex ring, that Barack Obama was planning to take over the government by coup d’etat, that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened, that Hillary Clinton’s three-million vote majority in 2016 was composed of illegal votes from illegal aliens, that Joe Biden’s seven million vote majority were all fraudulent ballots, and that Trump really won the 2020 Presidential election?

Why aren’t the people who promote this nonsense scattered between liberals and conservatives the way flat eathers are?

The New Conspiracies Are Part Of A Right Wing Propaganda Campaign

Because these lies are not merely the deluded fantasies of a few conspiracy nuts. They are a deliberate propaganda campaign disseminated in support of a right-wing war against the Democratic Party.

The overwhelming majority of Trump Republicans hate, really hate, the principles of the Democratic Party and they feel that in order to “save America” they are justified in doing anything that will keep the Democrats out of power, that this is a war without any rules.

Why Is The Right Wing At War With The Democratic Party?

Democrats Have Legitimized Homosexuality

Fundamentalist Christians, who are overwhelmingly Trump Republicans, believe that homosexuality is a mortal sin. That homosexuals are, if not evil, that they are certainly both sick people and sinners. The fact that the Democrats believe that homosexuals should be able to live openly as couples, get married, adopt children and that their sinful and evil activities are entitled to the full protection of the law is an anathema to these Trump Republicans.

Democrats Support Legalized Abortion

They believe that abortion is murder. Worse than that, it’s the murder of innocent babies. And the Democrats are in favor of keeping abortion legal.

Democrats Have Supported Minorities

Many Trump Republicans believe that a material percentage of Black people want a free ride via government welfare money, that the average Black person is dumber than the average white person, lazier than the average white person, and more violent than the average white person; that the Democrats are the Black people’s party, and that the Democrats want to use the government to take white people’s money and spend it on Black people in exchange for their votes.

Deep down, many Trump Republicans don’t see poor Black people as even legitimate voters. When Trump Republicans say that Biden didn’t really win because he got fraudulent votes, what many of them really mean, deep down, is that the poor Black people who voted for Biden aren’t real Americans and that their votes aren’t really legitimate.

Democrats Support Entitlement Programs

Trump Republicans believe that people with money got it by working hard and that they deserve to keep it and that people without money are poor because they are stupid or lazy and that they deserve to be poor, and that taxing people to provide food, housing, medical care, education, or whatever for poor people is just plain stealing; that the Democrats are enabling the lazy, stupid people to take hard-working people’s money which is nothing more than government-run theft.

Democrats Support Immigrants

Trump Republicans believe that the Democrats want to help millions of ignorant, unskilled, non-English-speaking people from other countries get into the United States so that they can get free food, free medical care and free everything at the expense of hard-working Americans.

They Think That America Is A White, Christian Country & Should Be Run By White Christians

Deep down, many if not a majority of Trump Republicans believe that America is a straight, white, Christian country that should be run by straight, white, Christian people, and that the Democrats are in league with Black and Brown people, Jews, homosexuals and atheists to take America away from straight, white, Christians.

To the majority of Trump Republicans, Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” really means, “Put America Back Under The Control Of Straight, White, Christian People.”

See my column: When Did America Stop Being Great & How Was It Great Before, But Isn’t Great Now?

Trump Republicans Hate The Way Democrats See America

Trump Republicans see an America controlled by the Democrats as a country run for the benefit of homosexuals, baby killers, lazy people, illiterate foreigners and elitist, socialist snobs where decent, hard-working people’s money is stolen by the government and given to lazy losers and ignorant, job-sucking foreigners.

Trump Republicans see themselves as being in a war to save America from the Democrats and a large part of winning that war (or winning any war) is demonizing the enemy.

Atrocity Propaganda

Atrocity propaganda in nothing new. It was common during WW I where the British published false stories claiming that the “Huns” impaled children on their bayonets and cut off the hands of babies and then ate them.

In November 1991, a Serbian photographer falsely claimed to have seen the corpses of 41 children, which had allegedly been killed by Croatian soldiers.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait a young Kuwaiti girl known only as “Nayirah” appeared in front of a congressional committee and falsely testified that she witnessed the mass murdering of infants when Iraqi soldiers had snatched them out of hospital incubators and threw them on the floor to die.

In war, you want to paint your opponent not just as someone who has different ideas or a different philosophy of government, but as someone who is EVIL

The Right Wing’s Current Atrocity Propaganda

The QAnon nonsense, the claim that Democrats hate America, that Trump actually got more votes than Biden but that the Democrats fraudulently stole the election are part of a right-wing atrocity propaganda campaign designed to demonize “the left.”

To win that war the right wing needs to paint everyone from moderates leftward as corrupt and evil. It’s not enough that liberals have a different idea of the proper role of government. No, liberals must be seen as thoroughly evil, as the devil, as the new “Godless communists” because when you’re fighting evil it’s OK to lie, to cheat, to do anything it takes to win.

If Democrats are just seen as people who want to keep massive corporations in check and raise the minimum wage and protect the environment they become people with a legitimate, alternate point of view.

But if they are depicted as baby rapers, murderers, election stealers, liars and enemies of the people, then there are no limits on what the right wing can do to defeat them. Anything goes.

Why Trump Republicans #1 Job Is To Destroy A Free Press

If you’re fighting a war and telling every lie you can invent to demonize the enemy, the last thing you want is someone revealing that your atrocity stories are lies. To make your lies work you need to silence or discredit a free press.

You need to make any media that does not support your propaganda “the enemy of the people.” Hence, the constant claim “Don’t believe the media because it is biased against conservatives.”

For Hitler, Fake News was anything that suggested that the Jews didn’t cause Germany to lose WW I.

For communists, Fake News was anything that suggested that the communist system was an economic disaster.

For Richard Nixon, Fake News was anything that revealed that his government was sponsoring criminal activities in support of their political goals.

Why do you think Trump and his allies started babbling about Fake News? For them, Fake News was any news that revealed their lies, mistakes or bad conduct. When they got caught in a lie, they claimed it wasn’t really a lie. It was just an alternative fact.

Some Trump Republicans Will Do Anything To Keep The Democrats Out Of Power

All the incessantly repeated lies about the presidential election being rigged are meant to be a justification for using any means to overturn any election that Republicans lose.

Do you think that Michael Flynn’s call for the suspension of the Constitution, nullification of the 2020 Presidential election and the imposition of martial law was just one man’s silly notion?

Do you think that the plot to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan was just the action of a tiny group of nut jobs?

There are at least hundreds of thousands, perhaps many more, right wingers who think that armed action is or eventually will be an appropriate response to Democrats winning elections. Why do you think they want all those assault rifles?

Do you think that Trump’s calls for state legislatures to overturn the election results and appoint the losing candidate as President were just one man’s oddball notion?

There are millions of Trump Republicans who think the actual vote should be ignored because they believe that they are in a war and that anything and everything that will keep Democrats from taking office, including nullification of elections and suspension of the Constitution, is justified.

Clueless Democrats Don’t Even Know They’re In A War

And the clueless Democrats don’t even know they’re under attack. They think that the QAnon people and the “Trump really won the election” people and the “Democrats hate America” people are just a few fringe nut jobs.

My guess is that at least thirty million Americans, maybe more, either promote those claims, knowing they are false, or actually believe them.

The GOP Will Do Everything It Can To Thwart Biden

Obama foolishly thought that the Republicans in Congress were decent, honorable people who wanted the best for the country, and that in the spirit of doing what was best for America he and they could come together and, through compromise and cooperation, pass legislation that would make the country a better place.

He was completely wrong. In 2009 Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans were open about their intention to oppose anything and everything Obama wanted to do no matter what it was, to fight him tooth and nail every step of the way, to agree to nothing, and as much as possible to destroy his presidency at every level.

Today, the Republicans are even more committed to that strategy. If Joe Biden thinks he can sit down with Mitch McConnell and work out some cooperative plan to improve the country he is living in a fantasy land no less ridiculous than the one inhabited by the people who actually believe the lying propaganda that Trump won the election.

Biden isn’t going to be able to get a workable compromise with the Senate Republicans any more than Clement Attlee was able to avoid German aggression by negotiating with Hitler. Do you think the Congressional Republicans are going to play fair, be honest, and respect the rules? They are not. In most of their minds they are on an anything-goes mission to “save America.”

They are going to do anything and everything up to and including overturning elections to keep the Democrats out of power.

Democrats may not understand that they are in a war, but the Trump Republicans absolutely believe that they are in one.

There isn’t going to be any successful cooperation between the Congressional Republicans and Joe Biden. There isn’t going to be any compromise for the good of the country.

The religious fundamentalists, the “average Black person is inherently lazier, dumber and more violent than the average white person” believers, the “taxes are stealing” people are not giving up or going away.

Biden and the Democrats need to understand that the Trump Republicans are going to fight them any and every way possible without any rules; that the Trump Republicans are not only not going away, they are getting more brazen, more angry, more extreme and more numerous.

Trump Republicans only believe in democracy and a free press so long as a conservative Republican wins the election, but if a Democrat wins the election, then not so much. That’s not me saying that. It’s Donald Trump’s actions telling us that.

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