Why The Republicans Will Stop At Nothing In Their Holy War To Regain Power

The Dems Are Fools To Think Any Compromise Is Possible

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

The Cluelessness Of Those In Power

I think that in the months and weeks before the peasants dragged out the guillotine, the French aristocracy had no idea how much trouble they were in, and I suspect that the Russian aristocracy was similarly clueless in the days before they all went down the well.

The Democrats Are Similarly Asleep At The Switch

Today, I think that the Democrats are almost equally as blind to the frustration, anger and, yes, rage of at least a third to forty-percent of the population who are the Great Megalomaniac’s most ardent supporters.

The Thought That The Republicans Will Compromise About Anything Is Criminally Delusional

As evidence of that ignorance, I remind you that the Democrats are still talking about “coming together” “compromise” “putting aside our differences for the good of the country” and other similar nonsense which is as realistic as it would have been for King Louis XVI to have made similar entreaties to Jean-Paul Marat and Maximilien Robespierre.

Joe Biden thinking that he can get compromise legislation by negotiating with Mitch McConnell is in the same category of effectiveness and intelligence as Neville Chamberlain’s notion that he could successfully negotiate with Adolf Hitler.

Clueless, pointless, delusional, dangerous.

The Republicans Are In An Undeclared WAR With The Democrats

In their minds, the hard-core Trump people are as much at war with the Democrats as ISIS is at war with Israel.

The Republican politicians know this and they know that anyone who compromises with Biden about anything will lose their seat in the next primary election.

None of the Republican politicians who care about keeping their jobs are going to compromise with the Democrats about anything.

Take a minute and consider who these ardent Trump supporters are and what they’re so angry about.

Why The Republican Voters Are So Angry

White Christians Ran This Country Like It Was Their Own Personal Possession

As recently as forty or fewer years ago, white, male, heterosexual, Christians ran this country. And I mean they ran it.

From The Beginning, They Enacted Christian Religious Principles Into Law

Blue Laws

I remember growing up in the 1950s when it was still commonly illegal for stores to even be open on the Christians’ day of worship, Sunday.

Homosexuality Was A Crime

NYC cops assaulted the Stonewall Inn in 1969 because homosexual men dared, dared, to congregate in a public place!

Because Christians were running things, homosexuality was considered a sin, a perversion, a mental illness, and a crime.

Women Were Subordinate To Men

Women were supposed to stay home, have kids, and do what the man told them. Actually arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning a husband for beating his wife was almost unheard of because the Christian bible said that the wife had to do what the husband demanded.

Sex Outside Of Marriage Was Illegal

Because the Christian religion considered sex inherently sinful and sex between married people was only proper for procreation, not pleasure, network televisions shows were not allowed to show a married couple sleeping in the same bed or even owning one shared bed. Ricky and Lucy’s, Rob and Laura’s bedrooms each contained two tiny single beds.

Pictures Of Naked Bodies Were Illegal

Pictures of women’s genitals might be found under the counter of certain smoke shops on the “wrong side of the tracks” but they were never generally available and possession of them was a crime.

Speech About Sex Was Illegal

So strong was the legal imposition of Christian morality that comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested for using the word “fuck” in his stand-up routine.

Abortions Were Illegal

Abortions were a sin in the Christian religion so they were made illegal for both the woman and the doctor.

Black People Were Believed To Be Racially Inferior

For the entire history of this country until at least the 1980s or even the 1990s, black people were essentially seen by most whites as an underclass that white society had unofficially designated as the country’s garbage collectors, bus drivers, janitors, dishwashers, maids and shoe shiners.

When blacks aspired to be more than poorly-paid, unskilled laborers whites murdered them out of hand.

Tulsa. Lynchings.

A majority of whites believed that blacks were a genetically inferior and more violent race; that they should not be allowed to vote, eat in white people’s restaurants, go to white people’s schools, swim in white people’s pools, sit in the front of white people’s buses, or pee in white people’s bathrooms.

Whites expected blacks to control their so-called racial propensity for violence, sex and drugs, and be quiet, respectful, deferential, low-paid manual laborers. Those blacks who gave in to their theoretical racial inclinations would be controlled by and taught a lesson by white police.

Of course, the white-controlled banks and insurance companies made sure that these racially inferior blacks were not allowed to buy homes in white neighborhoods or easily or cheaply get a loan or insurance for a house in a black neighborhood (redlining).

A National Pool Of Cheap Unskilled Labor Was Required

American industry was founded on the backs of a large pool of low-paid, hourly workers, without benefits, who could be hired and fired at a moment’s notice depending on week-to-week changes in the economic condition.

Contrary beliefs were considered “socialism.”

Unions were generally considered to be evil, socialist tools designed to steal businessmen’s hard-earned money and allow unskilled workers to be paid outrageous amounts for little or no effort.

Christian White People Ruled The Roost

White, heterosexual, Christian males were all the senators and almost all the congressmen, ran all the banks, all the corporations, filled all the professions and earned all the money.

This was their God Damned country and don’t you ever forget it.

And then what happened?

Black People Gained The Ability To Vote, And More

Black people started demanding the right to vote, to eat in white people’s restaurants, go to white people’s schools, to swim in white people’s pools, and pee in white people’s toilets.

Black people actually dared to complain about being beaten by the police and lynched by random whites.

How Dare Those Blacks Complain

Jesus H. Christ,” many white people thought if they didn’t actually say it out loud, “didn’t white people save those [plural N word] from their savage jungle life in Africa, bring them to the Land of Opportunity, teach them how to wear clothes, dig ditches, pick cotton and even read, and now they’re complaining?

How dare they!

Homos Normal?

Suddenly, over a few decades, pornography was legal everywhere, homosexual couples were portrayed on network TV as normal people! Deviants as normal! They were even allowed to get married. Men were seen kissing other men on network TV shows!

Women Can Get An Abortion?

The Supreme Court ordered that all women everywhere in the country be allowed to get an abortion if they wanted one, and that nobody could stop queers from marrying other queers!

The White, Christians’ Pearl-Harbor Wake-Up Call

These white Christians were upset about a lot of these things for a long time, but the one event, the big earthquake that totally woke them up, their Pearl-Harbor Moment, was the election of a very black, black man whose middle name was Hussein, with a very black, black wife, as President.

That was a bridge way, way too far.

Blacks Putting A Black Man In The White House!

After Obama was elected, these people really woke up to the fact that 13% of the population was Black, 18% was Hispanic, 18%!, and 6.5% was Asian. (2020 numbers)

How did this happen? Where did they all come from? This was supposed to be a white country and now it’s less than two-thirds white! And THEY voted in a black man as our President.

These blacks and Hispanics were supposed to do the shit jobs, cheaply, stay in their own neighborhoods, keep their mouths shut, not make any trouble, not vote, and let us White People run things. Now they’re electing senators and Presidents?


How Did This Happen To Our Country & What Are We Going To Do About It?

Many of these white, Christian, heterosexual people looked around and said,

What the hell’s going on! The blacks and the homos and the Jews used to know that their place was in the back of the bus, in the shadows, in the ghetto, and in the closet, and now they’re everywhere, even the White House.

We have to live in a country where our kids have unlimited access to pornography, homos can get married and are promoted on national media as normal people, homos normal!, our daughters can have sex, get themselves pregnant and get an abortion, all without even having to give their parents the time of day?

A black man with a black wife moved into the White House?

This is a white Christian country founded by white Christian people for white Christian people and we want America to go back to what it was when we were running things.

All these welfare-loving, drug-taking, atheist, homosexual, low-class, ignorant, big-city, socialist, foreigners who don’t even speak proper English have taken over OUR country.

We Must Do Something

We white Christians who used to run things are being pushed out. We won’t stand for it.

We are not going to just quietly sit here and be replaced. We will not be replaced.

Who is going to save us? Who is going to fix America?

The Great White Hope

And then Trump shows up and tells them that he will make America great again, which they understand to mean that he is going to put white people back in charge again.

But after four years in office, the votes of black people and Hispanic people and big-city people overwhelm the votes of farmers and small-town white people and Trump is thrown out. Now the big-city, black people’s candidate, Joe Biden, is put into the White House.

Big-City Blacks Aren’t Real Americans & Their Votes Shouldn’t Count

As far as they’re concerned they are the decent, Christian, Americans in a sacred battle against the forces of Big-City minorities, unskilled workers, socialists, and general losers.

Are you starting to get how they feel?

The game was rigged by those people. They are not real Americans. They are not Us.

Democracy is fine as long as the good guys win, but when the good guys get outvoted by the lazy, stupid, ignorant mobs of drug-taking, welfare-taking, socialist, non-English speaking Hispanics, Jews and blacks, then the election can’t be allowed to count.

We should require an intelligence test or some amount of money in the bank, a high school diploma, fluency in English, or something else in order to vote.

Maybe people shouldn’t be allowed to vote if they don’t pay income taxes or if they’re on welfare.

Maybe those big-City blacks and Hispanics shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all.

An election where Big-City blacks and Hispanics elect Democrats to do their socialist bidding isn’t a fair election because those people don’t deserve to have a vote. It’s not their country. It’s our country.

Biden stole the election by getting the black people and the Hispanics to vote for him when they shouldn’t have been allowed to vote at all!

They Will Stop At Nothing To Regain Power

Are you really surprised that these Trump people will do anything to get and keep political control?

They will close polling places. They will gerrymander voting districts. They will rig elections. They will demand that the judges they appoint overturn the elections they lost and declare themselves the winners even when they’re not.

They will use any and every method to keep city people, especially black city people, from being able to vote.

And if all of that fails, they will storm capital to prevent Democrats from taking office.

Why do you think they never cared that Trump was a liar, a philanderer, a cheat and a mean, selfish, dishonest, untrustworthy megalomaniac?

Because he was the guy who was going reverse this horrible situation and put the successful, white, heterosexual, Christians back in the saddle again.

There Is No Compromise Possible. The Democrats Either Win This War, Or Lose It

And Joe Biden thinks the political front men for these people, namely the Republican party politicians, are going to make a deal with him for the good of the country?

Is ISIS going to compromise with Israel for the good of the Middle East?

Get real.

For the hard-core Trump people this is a Holy War to restore them to the control of an America that they are convinced was ordained by God to be run by and for financially-successful, White, Christian, Heterosexual (mostly male) Americans and everybody else needs to just go along with it and keep their mouths shut.

If the Democrats don’t wake up to that fact and respond accordingly, they’re toast.

— David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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