Spring Break Vacationers Need to Know About This Affordable Caribbean Destination

It’s that time of year again — when spring break rolls around, every twenty-something in America packs up their towel and runs off to the tropics. It’s typical for young travelers to crowd into airplanes headed to Miami, New Orleans, or Cancun, and these ever-bustling tourist hubs are guaranteed to be chock full of eager vacationers for the bulk of the spring season each year.

If this isn’t your first spring break rodeo, however, you already know that the most-visited vacation hotspots can be something of a headache during peak travel times. No need to fear, however: the Caribbean still holds plenty of affordable opportunities for the week away from home you’ve always dreamed about. Read on to learn more about the southern Caribbean island of Curaçao, a beautiful getaway that offers plenty of breathing room to take in its natural beauty.

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