Department of State

The Michigan Department of State administers Michigan’s motor vehicle programs including titling, registering vehicles, licensing drivers, and monitoring driver performance. The Department of State delivers services via branch offices, renewal by mail, and self-service terminals throughout the state. ExpressSOS provides convenient online services to customers. The Secretary of State also supervises statewide elections and ensures compliance with state election laws. The governor’s proposed budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 recommends total funding of $225.3 million, of which $17.2 million is general fund.

Highlights of Governor’s Budget Recommendation

• The governor’s recommendation supports $225.3 million for the Department of State to administer Michigan’s motor vehicle programs and state election laws. The department plays a major role in collecting revenue for roads, education, and various state entities. Over $2.3 billion of the state’s general fund and restricted revenues are collected through Secretary of State offices.

• The Executive Recommendation reflects an increase of $1 million in restricted funds to support growth in the use of credit and debit cards transactions. Michigan residents will continue to benefit from the added convenience of using this form of payment.

• Public Act 250 of 2014 authorized $1 million restricted funds for the Department of State to administer the ignition interlock program. A convicted drunk driver may be required by the court system to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device on any vehicle he/ she intends to drive. These resources will be used to automate the current process for review and reporting of violations once the device reports a failed sobriety check. Upon full implementation, processing time will be reduced from four weeks to one week enabling prompt sanctions for violators, thus making Michigan roads safer.

• The Executive Recommendation includes $500,000 general fund savings achieved by overall efficiencies throughout the department.