The Michigan state constitution vests the state’s lawmaking power in a two-house legislature consisting of a 38-member Senate and a 110-member House of Representatives. The legislature is an independent branch of state government with the authority to enact laws that regulate the actions of the government and protect the interests of the people. The governor’s proposed budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 recommends total funding of $159.3 million, of which $147.3 million is general fund.

Highlights of Governor’s Budget Recommendation

• The Executive Budget provides $129.3 million for the legislature, including the Senate, the House of Representatives, and supporting entities.

• Over $22.8 million is recommended for the Office of Auditor General, a constitutionally required function to conduct financial and performance audits of state government operations.

• The Executive Budget recommends $7.2 million for the State Capitol Historic Site, which will be used to maintain and preserve the State Capitol and the surrounding grounds.