Third Grade Reading Briefing


Proficiency in third-grade reading is an early indicator of having a skilled workforce that is imperative to growing Michigan stronger. This year’s budget proposal recommends a total of $48 million for implementing a statewide plan to improve third-grade reading. The governor is also calling for a work group to develop an action plan that will increase third grade reading scores.


Piloting classes for parents that would provide information about their children’s development, offer structured learning activities for parents and their children, and promote positive interaction between children and peers.

Expand home-visits from intermediate school districts to at-risk families in order to encourage early literacy activities and to identify children who might have disabilities or developmental delays.

Expand early childhood education for low-income families.


Ensure that teachers have the training necessary to teach literacy by requiring new elementary teachers to pass a reading instruction capabilities assessment.

Provide research-based professional development for existing teachers.

Train teachers and administrators to be able to identify students in need of intervention.

Provide additional instruction time for students in need of more assistance.

Invest in literacy coaches for K-3 teachers to help teachers develop and implement new instruction strategies.

Encourage state departments to assign Pathways to Potential success coaches to academically at-risk elementary schools.


A commission outside of state government will help oversee implementation of the plan to increase third grade reading scores.

Implement a kindergarten entry assessment to gauge the effectiveness of the state’s childhood investments.