The Government Contractor Handbook

At GovTribe, we strive to make the world of government contracting a little less daunting and a lot more comprehensible. With that mission in mind, we recently collaborated with some of our partners to write a handbook about starting and growing a business in this industry. Whether you are just getting started or looking to get better organized, we’ve compiled a comprehensive resource that can help.

Download the handbook!

(The link will take you to a download form on our partner’s website.)

What’s Inside?

  1. Intro to Government Contracting: What is it and why is it a valuable market?
  2. Secrets to Become a Successful Government Contractor: Learn about bidding, teaming, working with contracting officers, and more.
  3. Government Contract Financing: How and when? What are my options?
  4. Evaluating Your Market: Identifying your buyers and understanding contracting mechanisms and vehicles.
  5. Proposal Basics: Lay the right foundation.
  6. How to Bid for a Contract: What to do before, during and after you submit a bid.
  7. How to Become a Contractor for a Large Government Agency: Learn what’s required and have these five items in place.
  8. Managing Your Sales Process: Learn how to use an sales pipeline successfully and the value of tracking.

** GovTribe contributed Chapter 4 and Chapter 8 **