USAID Funding Trends and BD Strategies

On September 19, GovTribe hosted a webinar on the topic of federal contracting with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

We talked about how to build and adapt your organization’s USAID market strategy in today’s federal contracting environment. GovTribe invited Mike Shanley, CEO of Konektid, a consulting firm that advises businesses on partnering with USAID, to join the webinar. We discussed the USAID procurement process, recent trends and developments in funding and program priorities, the relationships between primes and subs in the international development space.

Many thanks to Mike for joining me for this discussion!


  • USAID Development Innovation Ventures — A program recently launched by USAID with the goal of identifying innovative approaches to service delivery in international development. Companies can submit white papers to propose future investments by USAID.
  • Konektid’s USAID Partnering Tips for Subcontractors — Subcontracting with USAID can be a tricky process. To help with this process, Konektid has compiled a list of tips to help navigate this process, as well as provide insight to what to avoid while exploring these opportunities.

[A second video is coming soon, demoing how to conduct some of the research discussed during the conversation.]