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GovWorld x TrustPad: Strategic Partnership Announcement

Written by Musthafa Ahmed

GovWorld & Trustpad

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with TrustPad. This newly found alliance allows us to explore new and exciting opportunities for maximizing growth & efficiency within the ecosystem. TrustPad holders will now be able to access short-term high APY% loans backed by their $TPAD tokens while maintaining their tier-level and staking rewards, as well as a series of other benefits brought on by our PartnerFi program. GovWorld will benefit from decentralized fundraising through TrustPad’s multi-chain token launchpad, which is well known for its success!

What is TrustPad?

A well-known name in the launchpad game, Trustpad is a decentralized, multi-chain, fundraising platform that helps kickstart new projects in the cryptospace by raising capital through their large community of DeFi investors, while guaranteeing exclusivity and security. By providing new entrants in the space with both the capital and the community they need, TrustPad supports the mutual growth of all projects and investors to create lasting success for all.





Benefits of the GovWorld x Trustpad partnership

Our communities will enjoy many benefits through this historic strategic partnership so stay tuned, but to start, below are some highlights.

The TrustPad community will benefit through…

  • Ability to access cash (stablecoins) against the value of their TPAD tokens
  • Maintaining tier level benefits for presale allocations while TPAD is staked at GovWorld

GovWorld will also provide TrustPad…

  • A co-marketing channel
  • Full control over the rules of the reverse loan feature on GovLend

More to come soon, see you on the moon!

About GovWorld 😎

GovWorld is the first DeFi ecosystem of its kind, leveraging the power of the most customizable P2P, cross-chain lending protocol on the blockchain. Able to collateralize any approved altcoin or NFT for public or private loans of USDC, USDT, or DAI. This is where users can unlock their liquidity, retain tier-level benefits & staking rewards, and have 100% freedom to choose their terms.

🚀 🚀

✅ Innovative DeFi ecosystem.

✅ Collateralize any approved Altcoin for short-term cash* loans.

✅ Collateralize any NFT for short-term cash* loans.

✅ Choose your loan terms.

✅ High APY% opportunities for lenders on USDT, USDC, DAI.

✅ Maintain tier & staking rewards while altcoin staked for loans.

✅ Limited time, strategic partner staking pools to earn $GOV.

✅ PLUS + + other cool DeFi benefits in the GovWorld ecosystem.

🚀🚀 *USDT, USDC, or DAI

Unlock Your Potential!… 🙌



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Musthafa Ahmed

Musthafa Ahmed

Founder of GovVentures — Providing advisory, incubation & investment support, Chief Growth Officer at GovWorld — Unlock liquidity. Maintain tier level.