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Operation Save Our Governors 🪂

Operation: Big Success ✨

Governors, we just received word from the War Room. Operation Save Our Governors has successfully concluded ✨

We’d like to thank you all for your patience as we sorted out the last of the airdrops. Everyone should have received either their BUSD or first allocation of $GOV tokens by now, as per the conditions we outlined in our previous announcements.

The Rose Drop 🌹

On January 04, just after 14.00 UTC, a scam contract appeared in our Telegram community. The scammer used the way one of our bots welcomed new members to our channel to create a deceptive message that seemed like an official announcement. While our mods worked hard to delete many other messages like this, one contract in particular remained in our chat far longer than it should have.

We want to stress that at no point was Rose hacked, nor was the security of our channel compromised. This was simply a clever trick by a scammer to exploit a very normal feature of our welcome bot.

Scams are unfortunately a very common sight in crypto, particularly around TGEs and listings. We do our best to stop them whenever we can, but ultimately it’s up to each of us individually to take the steps necessary to ensure what we’re trading is legitimate. This is why we always stress the need to double check the contract address before you make any swap.

While we can’t accept liability for all scams, in this particular case we realised we could have done more to protect our community.

Anyone who traded on this particular scam contract (0x8a8fe0c29b2678d6bbc82d4e33c9fbfcafcfe877) received compensation in the form of BUSD airdropped to their wallet.

In total, $29,609.67 BUSD was distributed to affected Governors. The transaction hashes can be found below.





The Gov Drop 🎩

Governors who transacted on our old smart contract (0xba9417207bCe0ae94F6fd3A93A989b92c15544F3) had a wild ride indeed. Despite listing at just $0.08, the price of $GOV flew into the thousands of dollars, simply because there was no liquidity in the pair. Governers who were investing hundreds of dollars were only getting a fraction of a $GOV token — which might be the case one day, but at our listing was far from our intention.

As we explained in our official statements, there were several factors that lead to this situation — you can read our other reports for a breakdown of what happened.

We took it upon ourselves to make things right by our Governors by airdropping $GOV tokens to those who transacted on the old account. These tokens were pegged to our listing price of $0.08 and are locked with public vesting.

A total of 900,830 $GOV was allocated to these Governors, with a total value $72,066.40 at the pegged price. Because of the vesting conditions, 90,083 $GOV tokens were distributed in the first airdrops, spread across the following transactions:





Please note that these transactions contain other $GOV distributions and were not exclusively used to distribute the Save Our Governors airdrops. Please see this spreadsheet for a list of the wallets that received airdrops.

Building a better GovWorld ✨

The TGE was a massive test for us and our community. We’ll be releasing a recap shortly where we go through in detail everything that happened in those days: both the good and the bad. We learnt a lot, and we’re implementing all of these lessons to make sure we can do better next time.

Still, despite all the difficulties, we think our TGE was huge success. And with the conclusion of Operation Save Our Governors we can move on and continue building the best GovWorld we can for our amazing community.

From the entire team at GovWorld: thank you all for your continued support. We’re privileged to have you on this journey with us and we’re looking forward to building the future of DeFi liquidity together with you all 💖

The GovWorld Team 🎩

About GovWorld 😎

GovWorld is the first DeFi ecosystem of its kind. We offer the best customizable P2P, cross-chain lending experience on the blockchain. Able to collateralize any altcoin or NFT for public or private loans of USDC, USDT, or DAI, GovWorld is your destination for DeFi. This is where users can unlock their liquidity, retain tier level benefits & staking rewards and have 100% freedom to choose their terms.

🚀 🚀

✅ Innovative DeFi ecosystem

✅ Collateralize any altcoin or NFT for short-term cash loans

✅ Choose your loan terms

✅ High APY% opportunities for lenders on USDT, USDC, DAI

✅ Maintain tier & staking rewards even while altcoins are staked for loans

✅ Limited time, strategic partner staking pools to earn $GOV

✅ Many more DeFi benefits

Unlock Your Potential at GovWorld 🙌



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