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Win From Our First Round of Loot Boxes!

Written by Musthafa Ahmed

We know our #Governors are eagerly waiting for the official $GOV token generation event & we are too! As we previously mentioned, we will be announcing the new TGE date this coming Monday (20th December).

Now of course, NO one enjoys the waiting game. So the team at GovWorld got together and we made a unanimous decision to spice things up for our community while we make the necessary arrangements for our new TGE date.

GovWorld Meme/Sticker Competition

We are changing the rules of the game! We will be running an exclusive Meme/Sticker competition for the next 5 days 😎🔥

We are looking for the best memes & stickers that capture the GovWorld image and truly fit into play within our community. The GovWorld team will vote on the best entries and the top 10 winners will be whitelisted for our very first Loot box event! Remember, these loot boxes will hold some amazing prizes that you don’t want to miss, and most of all… they will be FREE to open!

Duration: Saturday 18th December 5PM UTC — Thursday 23rd December 5PM UTC

Submit your entries 👇

Let the Meme games begin!

Loot Box Recap

In our medium article from December 9, titled “Five reasons to LOVE your $GOV”, we briefly touched on the upcoming loot box lotteries for our strong holders. An opportunity to win some of those infamous ‘allocations’ (think P2E / metaverse) as well as a bunch of other cool prizes such as Limited time tier-level access NFTs 😉 🙌



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Musthafa Ahmed

Musthafa Ahmed

Founder of GovVentures — Providing advisory, incubation & investment support, Chief Growth Officer at GovWorld — Unlock liquidity. Maintain tier level.