Extravagantly Bittersweet

Spring has sprung with sugar-snap peas making good eating hereabouts. It made me happy to pack backyard produce in my school lunch last week and I am even happier to have Spring Break this week to tend the garden and read and dote on daughters while we have the four-family assembled for 36 hours. Just enough time for twin-bonding, book-and-record browsing, family dinner, and penis plant pondering.
The penis plants are also known as octopus agave, and although they look very much like a site-specific hallucination, you do see them in places other than our front yard, such as near the African-American Museum in Exposition Park. It is a relief to see them elsewhere because it somewhat lessens the probability that their fruit will be like coconuts with exact replicas of our faces. I have restrained from investigating next steps on the internet until right now…. ahhh-ha… hmmm…. sounds extravagantly bittersweet. More on that as it unfolds.
Meanwhile, it was a good week for eating what we grew and also sharing it with others, thereby also relieving the concerns expressed below about harvesting the food we grow. Stephanie was doing some excellent harvesting and sharing of chard, tangerines, Greek oregano, pineapple sage, chives and cabbage this week. The farm is definitely moving into production mode and I am very glad about that.

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