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Individual TFUEL Reward transactions (coinbase tx’s) not Listed in THETA Wallets.

When you stake THETA or TFUEL you are eligible to receive blocks rewards.These are blockchain rewards (new coins created) known as coinbase transactions. When a stake is picked to be awarded by the reward distribution algorithm. Those picked to reward have newly minted TFuel created inside their wallets, the coinbase transaction. When you enter your THETA wallet address into you can see each individual coinbase transaction that has already occurred for your staked address. See example below.

Theta Labs have screened out the individual coinbase rewards received from showing inside the THETA wallets, they can only be viewed on the Explorer. When your wallet address does get a staking award, your TFuel balance increases inside your wallet. You do not claim TFuel rewards as they are actually created inside your wallet (coinbase tx). However to see each one individually you must reference the block explorer.

Note: The example wallet below is the THETA web wallet, it has a View Account on Explorer option. The THETA mobile wallet does not have this option.*

So when your address gets a staking award your TFUEL wallet balance increases, the individual reward transactions are viewable on the explorer.*

FYI, There is a csv. download available for reward history on (under profile tab)

FYI, There is a csv. download available for reward history on (enter your THETA wallet address & scroll down)

⬇️ *** NOTE *** ⬇️

On The CSV file looks at our days that we have OUR clocks set up for on the GPooL site (we start a new day at 00:00 UTC..) Our CSV is UTC..

The Theta Blockchain also uses UTC but the explorer converts it to local time for each individual user. So the times & dates may not match between the two sources.

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