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MetaMask Guide #4:

Remove liquidity (gNOTE/TBILL) Liquidity Pool on

Please Note: If you are participating in gNOTE/TBILL LP Staking on, by removing liquidity on it will also remove liquidity from LP Staking on (after removal of liquidity give 20mins for MY STATS to update on*.

Navigate to ThetaSwap

Click Connect Wallet

Click Connect Now

Enter Password

Click Unlock

MetaMask wallet is now connected.

Please Note: You will need TFUEL in your wallet’s available balance to pay for the remove liquidity transaction fees.*

Click Manage

Please Note what is displayed..

Your pool share: in % terms.

Your total pool tokens: These are your gNOTE/TBILL LP Tokens.

Pooled gNOTE: This is 50% of the above LP Tokens.

Pooled TBILL: This is the other 50% of the above LP Tokens.

Click Remove

On the next screen, you can choose what % of your liquidity you want to remove.

In this example we will remove 50% of our liquidity. Also in this example we are not just providing liquidity we are also LP Staking over on When we remove 50% of our liquidity on it will reflect the 50% reduction in the LP staking position on (wait 20 mins for MY STATS to update on after removal of liquidity on

Click Up & Down arrows to select your Remove Liquidity %


Click Max to remove 100%

Next step is to approve permission for the smart contract to interact with UNI-V2. For all new smart contracts & their corresponding token interactions, this step is required. The next time the same wallet address has a similar UNI-V2 interaction with the same smart contract, the allow step will NOT be required. As smart contract interaction will already have been granted previously for UNI-V2.*

Note: Output values for both gNOTE & TBILL displayed below..

Click Approve

“Your Approval Is Now Being Processed”

“Approval Pair GNOTE/TBILL Transaction Is Finalized!”

Click Remove

Click Confirm

Click Confirm

“Your Transaction Is Now Being Processed”

“Remove GNOTE And TBILL Transaction Is Finalized!”

Click Pool

Click Manage

We can see that our 50% Removal of Liquidity has registered correctly.

Your total pool tokens: reduced by 50%

Pooled gNOTE: reduced by 50%

Pooled TBILL: reduced by 50%

Please Note: On Stats are delayed up to 20mins*.

Navigate to

MY STATS has NOT updated the removal of liquidity yet.

MY STATS has Partially updated the removal of liquidity.

MY STATS has Fully updated the removal of liquidity.

Please Note: Download CSV (TBILL rewards).*

Navigate back to ThetaSwap Pool page to see reflection of same. As the required time has elapsed and has fully updated to reflect the removal of liquidity


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