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Prepare Trezor Hardware Wallet and Connect with MetaMask (MM).

New Trezor ? you can follow the below guides for the initial setup.

If not already done, download the Trezor Suite application for your computer, using this link,

This Guide will cover the following:

  1. In Trezor Suite App, label an ETH address for later use with MetaMask (optional)*
  2. Connect Trezor T hardware wallet to MetaMask.

FYI: You may also use Trezor one device.*


  1. In Trezor Suite App, label an ETH address for later use with MM (optional)*

Open the Trezor Suite App on your computer.

Connect your Trezor device to your computer.

Tap device screen to connect

Enter your PIN

Touch screen to confirm

Click Ethereum

We are going to Label the existing ETH address for use with MetaMask.

Click Rename

Confirm on Trezor

Touch Screen to Enable labeling.

Choose how you want to Save labels.

Enter the Address Label name in Trezor Suite.

Click Green tick.

Click Receive ETH.

Click Show full address

“Confirm on Trezor”

Touch device screen to confirm

Click Copy address

Address “Copied to clipboard”

Paste the address into a notepad or write it down on a piece of paper. Next we will be connecting Trezor to MetaMask . We want to know the Trezor ETH address to connect with in MetaMask.


2. Connect Trezor T to MetaMask

Click Circle Icon.

Click Connect Hardware Wallet.

Connect Trezor T to your computer.

Tap to connect

Enter PIN on device.

Touch screen to confirm PIN

Select Trezor then Click Continue.

Click Allow once for this session

Click Export

Select the Trezor address you want to connect with MetaMask.

Click Unlock

The Trezor cold wallet address is now connected to MetaMask.

Click Circle icon.

Again we can see the Trezor Hardware address is connected in MetaMask.


Now that the Trezor hardware wallet is connected to MetaMask. You can follow the gNOTE/TBILL MetaMask (MM) Guide series below. The only difference being that you will need to confirm the transactions being made on your physical Trezor device for Guides #2, #3 & #4 in the below MetaMask guide series.


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