‘Zero Day’ IL Distribution 2023 Options Update*

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8 min readJan 13, 2023


Happy new year one and all! 🎊

Update follows..

Having received, listened and taken feedback into account from various points of view in relation to the upcoming ‘Zero Day’ IL distribution. We are moving forward with a tailored approach that satisfies the different positions or points of view concerning the upcoming IL distribution.

A series of options will be made available to all. Each person simply chooses which option is the best fit for them.

The following Outlines the New Procedure..

IL Snapshot, January 16th, 12pm ET (17:00 UTC).

IL Snapshot Audit, Jan 16th, 12pm — 5pm ET (17:00 — 22:00 UTC).

Post Snapshot Audit — 5pm ET (22:00 UTC) Zero Day page populates wallet addresses.

Zero Day page is where to Connect Wallet and make your selection from the available options.

Time frame to make a selection from available options;

Jan 16th, 5pm ET (22:00 UTC) — Jan 20th, 5pm ET (22:00 UTC).

After connecting wallet on Zero Day page . Each wallet’s IL position in relation to Current IL & Extra IL is displayed on the Zero day page.

Note: Default position for all addresses on Zero Day page is, O — Dispute/Delay. This helps facilitate those who have lost access to wallets for whatever reasons. If this option does not apply to you. Simply choose one of the other alternative options by clicking on it to select the alternative option. All options explained in more detail below.*

Zero Day page, Available Options Explained..

O — Opt in (ready for airdrop)

The above opt in option means you are ready to receive your IL airdrop that commences on January 23rd, 2023. This option is also for the people with 0 IL, who wish to confirm that 0 IL is indeed right and want to be Zeroed out. Note If you do indeed have 0 IL this step of confirming is not necessary, rather just helps shrink the list of Disputes for next round.

Those who Opt in and subsequently receive their IL distribution are Zeroed out. With IL Tracking continuing to track based on the latest distribution.

O — Dispute/Delay (February 20th, 2023)

The above option is chosen for several reasons.


The audit team has already performed many checks on addresses for those who submitted. However we are aware that there may still be others out there who have not submitted, for whatever reason.

If you are one of those who still have a query in relation to your displayed IL (Current IL or Extra IL) on the Zero Day page. Choosing this option will allow time for the query to be fully evaluated.

Every address that chooses this option will automatically be put through the manual audit process. As the selection of the O — Dispute/Delay option on the Zero Day page only registers the wallet address on our system, it does not provide us an email address for direct communication. If you choose this option and have not already submitted a query. Email query with LP wallet address to support@gpool.io

Choosing this option pushes out your IL distribution till February, 20th 2023.


We are also aware that the recent community vote to raise High Water Mark % for Current IL & Extra IL has been an issue for some participants. For those seeking more time to raise their High Water Mark %. Either to reach 90% HWM for Current IL or 98% HWM for Extra IL. This added time is of assistance. In this instance no email is required to be sent to us. It simply extends the time to raise HWM % to meet the eligibility criteria above.

Choosing this option pushes out your IL distribution till February, 20th 2023.

Those choosing, O — Dispute/Delay are not zeroed out. With IL Tracking continuing to track.

O — Opt Out

The above option is for those who do not want to receive the IL airdrop. This option facilitates those who burnt in 2022 for tax purposes and do not want to now get a gain. Again, this is for anyone who does not want to receive a gain for a loss they claimed for the 2022 tax year.

Those choosing, O — Opt Out are zeroed out for the period. With IL Tracking continuing to track.

O — Partial Opt Out (__%)

The above option is similar in nature to the previous opt out outlined above. The difference being that this opt out is only partial in nature. It relates to those persons who have burnt a smaller amount to lower their taxes for the 2022 tax year. For example a person burnt 10% and now only wants to receive 90% instead of the 100% allocation for tax reasons. This option is now being made available. If choosing this option, Enter the desired % (1–99%) to receive on the Zero Day page.

Those choosing, O — Partial Opt Out % are zeroed out for the period. With IL Tracking continuing to track.

The following Continues the Outline of the New Procedure..

Jan 20th — Jan 23rd, additional audit prior to the IL Distribution.

IL distribution commencing, Jan 23rd 12:00 ET (17:00 UTC)

This distribution relates to all those who have opted in and made their respective Opt in selections.

The exceptions being;

O — Dispute/Delay (IL distribution delayed till February 20th, 2023).*

O — Opt out (no distribution taking place).*

Notes on February 20th, 2023 option if chosen.

All four options will be made available again for those who chose to Dispute/Delay till Feb 20th,2023 in the previous window. Available options for Feb 20th, 2023 listed below.

(O — Opt in),(O — Dispute/Delay), (O — Opt Out) & O — Partial Opt Out (__%).

As the options have already been gone over previously. We will just focus on the one of interest here, O — Dispute/Delay.

Once again the O — Dispute/Delay option will be the default in the February 20th, 2023 round. If chosen again it will delay to the next scheduled ‘Zero Day’ snapshot on July 17th, 2023. We have allowed this not because we envisage any outstanding disputes to be present in the system. More so, we are aware that some have lost access to their wallets and this further extension may be helpful in that regard. It’s important to note that our IL tracking continues in such cases.

As was the case in the inaugural ‘Zero Day’ IL distribution. As ‘Zero Day’ IL distribution begins on Jan 23rd, 2023. The Zero Day page will update to display the Date and Time Slot each batch of 10 wallet addresses are scheduled to receive their gNOTE airdrop.

As in the inaugural IL distribution, all allocation times are randomly generated using Chainlink VRF, a provably fair and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability.

Use the Search Address box to identify the Issuing Time Slot for address(es).

Distribution Example:

Batch #1 An example wallet from batch #1 has IL amounting to $1k. At time of issuance the price of gNOTE is $10. This wallet is issued 100 gNOTE.

Batch #2 An example wallet from batch #2 also has IL amounting to $1k. At time of issuance the price of gNOTE is $9.90. This wallet is issued 100.01 gNOTE. Slightly more (.01 gNOTE) than our example wallet from batch #1.

Remembering that all of the batches of 10 wallets were complied using (VRF). This being the fairest, unbiased and completely randomized distribution method. The method also ensures that each participant receives the required gNOTE amount to counter balance the $USD value in IL at time of gNOTE issuance.*

Post gNOTE Distribution, how to check own wallet address on Thetascan.

Enter Wallet Address.

Click Search.

Click TNT-20 Tokens dropdown menu.

Click gNOTE

See Transactions for your wallet address.

** Important Note for all Extra IL Recipients**

An important note for all those who do receive Extra IL in the upcoming distribution. After you receive the distribution you all have received over and above any Current IL. The difference between Current and Extra IL is a bonus for remaining in the LP with the required % threshold.

The important point for all to understand is that no new IL will populate on dashboards until the bonus amount received has been eroded by potential future IL. Only when the credit threshold has been reached/eroded will IL figures begin to display again on respective dashboards. Please take note of this as unnecessary audits on addresses is a big time suck for an already very busy team, thank you! :)

Last but not least.

A reminder to all, while ‘Zero Day’ is in progress, IL tracking continues behind the scenes for all wallets regardless of what option choices were selected.

Cheers All,

Gworld Team 🍾

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