Announcing the GraalVM Project Advisory Board!

Alina Yurenko
Feb 24, 2020 · 3 min read

GraalVM is an open source project and we highly value the interactions with the community and the ecosystem built around it. We regularly receive contributions on GitHub, get great feedback from our Twitter and Slack communities, and see companies building new open source projects using GraalVM technologies.

We highly appreciate these relationships and we want to facilitate them further. In November last year, we therefore organized first GraalVM Community Workshop with many participants from companies interested in the ecosystem including Amazon, Hazelcast, IBM, Microsoft, Neo4j, OCI, Pivotal, Red Hat, Shopify, Twitter, and others.

Project Advisory Board

One of the outcomes of the community workshop was the establishment of the GraalVM Project Advisory Board — an advisory committee, composed of key project contributors and partners in the ecosystem with a shared goal of driving the GraalVM project forward.

The main goals of the GraalVM Project Advisory Board are to:

  • Discuss community engagement and contributor interaction
  • Provide cumulative feedback from the community and partner ecosystem
  • Discuss ways to drive project awareness and adoption

The Board will meet at least every three months, and the meeting notes will be published at Alina Yurenko is the board’s coordinator.

We are happy to announce the initial board composition with members nominated by 12 different companies:

We highly appreciate the time and effort the representatives are investing into helping GraalVM succeed to the benefit of the broader ecosystem.

The first inaugural meeting of the Advisory Board took place on February 18th. Some of the topics discussed were GraalVM releases, community contributions, testing and build process, several feature requests. You can read the meeting notes at


We believe that the establishment of the Advisory Board is a key step in ensuring that GraalVM is a vibrant OSS project with broad involvement from both community members who are using GraalVM and from other OSS projects that are building on GraalVM.

As always, we welcome all kinds of contributions to the project: pull requests, issue reports, feature requests and overall feedback. To follow updates around GraalVM project advisory board check on our Twitter and the website page. If your organization has an interest in joining the GraalVM project advisory board, please let us know. We are open to include new members that align with the board’s goals and mission.


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