Christian Wirth
Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Today we released GraalVM 1.0-rc4 with both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition binaries publicly available for download.

GraalVM is a large project consisting of several components, and we are highlighting the most important changes to those separately.

The release notes of the previous release can be found here: GraalVM 1.0-rc3 release notes.

General Remarks

While we provide updated components for all languages for this rc4 release, only the JavaScript component received fixes from its upstream repository. All other languages are unchanged in terms of functionality

The next release, rc5, is planned for the beginning of August and will provide updates for all components.


The GraalVM JavaScript component has been updated to provide better compatibility with the Nashorn engine. There now is a --nashorn-compat flag to enable backwards compatibility functionality. This flag is highly discouraged for new applications, but can simplify the migration from Nashorn to GraalVM for existing code.

  • Access getters and setters like fields
  • Provide Java.extend, Java.super, JavaImporter, JSAdapter
  • Allow to construct Interfaces or AbstractClasses
  • Provide top-level package globals java, javafx, javax, com, org, edu
  • Provide Java.isScriptFunction, Java.isScriptObject, Java.isJavaMethod and Java.isJavaFunction

Some global functions and objects have been added for the scripting mode and can be enabled with the --scripting flag:

  • Provide $EXEC, $ENV, $ARG, $OPTIONS


We will continue working on improving stability before the GA 1.0 release. If you haven’t yet done so, please give GraalVM a try on your application.

Download the binaries, try the getting started journey and see what it can do for your projects.

We are happy to receive any feedback, issues, or feature requests, for these please use the repositories for the project closest related to the issue:

If in doubt, the main repository will work, we’d be happy to hear any feedback: oracle/graal. Or talk to us on Twitter: @graalvm.

Thank you from the GraalVM team!


GraalVM team blog -

Christian Wirth

Written by

Manager with Oracle Labs, working on the Graal/JavaScript and TruffleRuby implementations. Opinions are my own.



GraalVM team blog -

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